Feeling Lost

Thursday, 30 December 2021

This blog used to be not just a place for fashion, lifestyle and advice posts, but also a place I could vent and let things out on. It hasn't been that for a while, or anything for a while, but going into 2022 that is something that I want to change. Before you ask, no, that isn't a New Years resolution, that's something that I think I've grown out of making after 25 years. So here we go, a post of venting and letting things out. Does anyone else just feel so exhausted by the last 2 years? Full of bad news, lockdowns, life changes and everything else. I feel like I've lost myself a little bit, like I'm only a part of myself now and I don't know what's happened to the rest.

Now I don't know if that makes sense, or if I just sound like I'm talking a load of rubbish, but it's a hard feeling to explain. Something within myself just doesn't feel.. right. It's not like my life is terrible at the moment either, I've recently moved into a gorgeous 2 bedroom flat with my partner, work is going well and I'm training as a deputy manager, but it still feels like so much is missing. I think it's the excitement of life maybe, it's just gone. I feel like I'm in the same routine over and over again and it's just so boring. There's no excitement, little adventure, it's just the same old days with maybe going for lunch or dinner thrown in every now and then. My old hobbies like blogging, photography, writing and videomaking are something of the past. All of the creativity I used to have has just appeared to wither away as the years have gone on. Maybe it's a collection of all of the above and maybe something more.

Has anyone else felt like this or have any tips on how to get yourself out of it?



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