Why I Work In Mental Health

Thursday, 2 July 2020

In the past I have always been pretty open with my life and my mental health on this blog. Fast forward a couple of years and we get to 2020, where I work as a mental health support worker. If I'm honest, I never saw myself finding anything, let alone something I have discovered I am so passionate about. The other day my boyfriend asked me, if I could earn thousands and thousands of pounds a month doing something on the side, would I quit my job? The answer was surprisingly to him, no. Nothing, not even money, can top the feeling of knowing you are helping change peoples lives. So this, is why I am so passionate about working in mental health.

I've always been that girl that's "too nice". My whole life I've been that person, a lot of people have taken that for granted and there have been occasions in the past where I wonder if it's even worth it, but it's not in my nature to just change that. Other peoples actions speak for themselves, why should I try and change who I am as a person just because other people like to take advantage of that. I quickly discovered that you can never be 'too nice'. There's no such thing. Living your life with kindness in your heart is one of the best things you can do.

I've been there with mental health. I spent years and years struggling to do even the most basic day to day activities in life. Every day was a struggle and mental health wasn't understood that much at the time, making things ten times harder. None of my school friends understood, hospitals and Doctors just brushed me off and my family thought I was crazy. I spent every day fighting by myself, a lot of those days I had even given up the fight. Yet somehow, I made it through, and by myself at that. I was lucky, I managed to overcome it and I managed to do it without any help. I have no clue how and I wish I knew, but I did it. A lot of people aren't that fortunate.

I'll be honest, working in mental health was something I never really thought of doing. When I applied for the job I have, I knew I wanted to help people but for me it was just a job, I was struggling to find something and I had applied for a lot of them on Indeed. But then I got  it, and I started working and things started to become a little more clear for me. I realised how much I loved it. I enjoyed going to work every day, I enjoyed supporting the clients we had. The longer I was there for, the more passionate I become. The more I wanted to learn, the more I wanted to be better. It's not been easy. There's times I've gone home and cried myself to sleep from the stress, from the emotional affect that having other peoples mental health and other peoples problems on your shoulders can bring. I've been emotional, I've been drained, I've felt numb. But I've also never felt this happy. I've never felt this accomplished, this passionate about something in my entire life. There are good days and there are days where I get so stressed I don't know how to cope sometimes, but I always look at the bigger picture. The picture of what me and my colleagues can do for these individuals. The ways we can help them, improve their lives, and that is the best feeling of them all. It's not about me, it's about them, and it makes it all so worth it.

Helping people is a feeling like no other, and I wouldn't change my passion for it for the world.

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