What Does Love Mean to You?

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Everyone has different versions of what love should be or what kind of love they want in their lives. Some settle for less, some aim for more, we all have different ways we want to feel loved and different ways we like to express our love. This post is going to be about what love means to me, it's a different kind of post to what I normally do but I feel like I've got too comfortable in my comfort zone and I need to branch out, so here it is.

Love is something you feel in every part of you, it's knowing that no matter what happens you have someone you know you can always count on. It motivates you, inspires you, makes you want to do or be better. It's being able to call that person at stupid times if you're in desperate need and knowing they will be there for you, knowing that they won't judge you and will accept you no matter what. It's having a hand to hold when life gets hard and knowing they won't let you go. Love isn't easy, it's not all gooey romantic comedy stuff. Love is arguments and tears, but it's also sticking together no matter what gets thrown at you. It's making it work regardless of the trials and tribulations. It's communication. Being able to talk to that person about anything and everything without being scared of what they'll say and without fear of being judged. It's them taking your thoughts and feelings into account because they think of you as one and not as separate. It's about feeling secure in that person rather than constantly worrying about what they're doing or where they're going. It's feeling so comfortable with that person that you can do the weirdest things but they won't think any differently of you. Love is being able to see that person happily and comfortably in your future, it's when everything you want or think about doing one day also involves that person too. Love isn't being selfish, it's sometimes having to do things you wouldn't normally do for that person, it's sacrifices, it's selfless and it's the best feeling in the world.

I was slightly worried about this post because I didn't want to seem super soppy, plus the last time I mentioned relationships on this blog it was a post about being single, and now I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months (the boy deserves a medal if I'm completely honest). I went so long without posting on here and I'm quite disappointed in myself for that, but I'm back with a new style and plenty of ideas. If you enjoyed this post I'd love to know what love means to you! Any tweets or messages with what it means to you would be so nice, even a blog response if people still do those nowadays! I'd love to hear more opinions so be sure to let me know.



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