How To Grow Your Instagram With Hashtags

Thursday, 16 May 2019

One of the questions I get asked the most is "so how do you grow your Instagram?". I get asked this on a daily basis and it's so time consuming having to write it all out to send to each person, I thought making a blog post on my top tips would make my life (and yours) a hell of a lot easier! Let's forget all this follow to unfollow fake love bull, sure I'm not the only one who's tired of receiving way too many unfollowers a day because of what I'd say is the most pointless tactic I've ever seen. I was originally going to put them all in one post but then it started getting super long, so I thought I'd do a different post on each topic. I can then go into more detail without you having to read throughout so much in one go. 

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Today I'm going to be explaining hashtags and this is one best explained through pictures to be honest, down below you will find two examples of me using hashtags badly next to the results of me using hashtags well. As you will be able to see, there's a massive difference. I tend to use hashtags quite well in most posts so it was hard to find examples of me using them poorly, but I did the best I could. I'm not saying they're easy though, they're super tricky and you're not going to get amazing results on every post. 

I start with looking at what hashtags other bloggers in my niche are using, I also try to be very specific to the photo I'm posting. Using pointless hashtags really doesn't get you anywhere, the more specific you are to what's in the photo the better the results. I also try not to use too many big hashtags, I'll use a few super popular ones but your post will normally just get lost very quickly among the sheer amount of photos that will be posted every minute. I then use some medium size ones and some smaller sized ones. If you're ever stuck for what hashtags to use, when you type in one hashtag it will come up with recommended ones so I normally go with them, or as I mentioned earlier I use inspiration from people in the same niche as me. 

It's always best to switch up your hashtag on every post, not only because every post is different but also because if you keep re using the same ones constantly I find it doesn't have the same effect as if you constantly switch it up. There are also plenty of apps which help you find the best hashtags for the topic of your post, if you type Instagram hashtags into the App Store a few good ones come up at the top, they're always worth a try even if it is just for you to get an idea on the kind of ones you should be using! I have done posts on social media and blog tips before which you can find under the category HERE, there's not a massive amount there at the moment but I'm going to be adding a lot more posts like this. Aside from Instagram which I'll be uploading more of, let me know in the comments or on my social media what other tip style posts you'd love to see and you can follow me on Instagram HERE.


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