Dressing Up Bodysuits | Blazer Combo

Friday, 17 May 2019

I have a massive thing for bodysuits. Don't ask me why, don't ask me when, I am just obsessed with them. Yeah they're annoying, every time you have to pee you have to undo it and do it back up again, and that's if it even has poppers, if not you have the struggle of pulling it aside and trying not to get your pee on it. TMI? Well you all know I like to be honest and open so what can I say. They also have some pro's though, I mean you don't have to worry about tucking them in or folding them up or any of that malarky, you just put it on and bam, you're sorted. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them out and wear them in, just so many uses. Anyway I'm rambling on too much, the point is I love them and I thought I'd share my new favourite combo.. dressing bodysuits up with blazers. How classy.

I've had this Pretty Little Thing bodysuit for forever and it's one of my favourites, it goes with almost anything and is super pretty, I just want it in every colour. I couldn't find the exact one on their website but this I Saw It First bodysuit could basically be the same one. This blazer from Miss Selfridge is new, I got it for my birthday but it's quickly become one of my favourite wardrobe staples. I love finding new ways to combine it into my outfits and new styles I can use with it. Not only do I have a bodysuit obsession but I also have a bit of a blazer obsession too. Talk about an addictive personality.


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