The Fear Of Rejection

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Now I think it's only human nature to be scared of rejection. To be afraid of being turned down or to fail. I understand that I completely do, I mean I've lived my entire life just like this and boy is it hard to get over (especially recently, but I won't touch on that here, click THIS link to subscribe to my new weekly newsletter where I'll go into depth on my personal fear of rejection in an email towards the end of next week!) I'm going to be blunt. Not everyone is going to like you. You could be the loveliest person to ever exist and a select few will still find something to pick at or a reason to hate you, no matter how lame or petty it is. That's just life, and it says a lot more about them than it does you. To start getting over your fear of rejection that's the first thing you have to accept. Accepted it yet? Good, soon you'll no longer care because let's be real, it's not worth it. It's a part of life. Nothing will change that no matter how hard you try.

Now I've covered the whole "not everyone will like you DEAL WITH IT" part, I'm going to move on to rejection and failure and why they're a part of life. That boy you want to tell how you feel but you're too scared incase he says no? He's already made up his mind, you finding out won't change that and at least then you'll know. Knowing is always better. If someone doesn't like me I like to be aware of that. He doesn't want to date me? Okay his loss I'll move on and find someone else. I know that's a hard mindset to get yourself into, especially as rejection can really lower your self confidence, but you just have to understand that these things happen. Instead of avoiding rejection 24/7 like little old me, face it. It may hurt at first but in the long run it'll be so worth it and it'll make you such a stronger person. Take rejection as a good thing, as motivation to do better or be better. 

Lately I've been scared of the idea of failure, especially when it comes to blogging and etc. I feel like I'm failing which leads to feeling like I want to give up and that's just a big no. Even the biggest of people have failed, that's how they made it where they are! Did you hear about the amount of publishers that originally turned down Harry Potter?! Now look, JK Rowling could have given up right there and then, but she didnt. Next thing you know Harry Potter is one of the most famous franchises in the entire world. There's nothing you can do to avoid failure or rejection, just make sure you use it to better yourself as a person and to keep going. Take charge of your life and accept that everything's not always going to go your way, but in the end it'll all be so so worth it!

Do you have a massive fear of rejection or are you one of those lucky people that deal with it in a healthy way? Be sure to comment down below as I'd love to hear how you handle it and make sure to click HERE to follow me on bloglovin and stay updated on my posts. I did do a post like this a few years ago but I thought I'd share an updated one as I like to think I've grown a lot compared to how I was back then, thank god for that!



  1. Oh gosh im not going to lie this was a pretty diffult concept to wrap my head around. Actually i am still trying to instill this advice in me. I really needed to read this, i have liked the same guy at my college for alittle over a year and the fear of rejection is preventing me from just asking him to hang out like a two normal friends lol but your post is so true the moment i can grasp this, my life will be so much more enjoyable lol.

    Nikki O.

  2. I definitely have a fear of being rejected I think so many women do

    Candice |