5 Pieces Of Advice I'm Glad I Never Took

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Does anyone else think February has just completely flew by? January was the slowest month ever but now I feel like I can barely grasp time before it's gone, should I start preparing for Christmas yet? I wish I was joking but I think we all know it'll be here before we even know it! This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while as I've been so unsure on how to write it, I know people mean well with these pieces of advice but personally, I don't agree. Other people might have found them helpful but I just think they are cliche and far from it..

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Always stay positive.. This is probably one of the most popular cliche pieces of advice out there and you've most likely heard it about 50 billion times, I know I have and for the most part it can be a particularly true statement.. I just have a problem with one word. Always. No you shouldn't ALWAYS be positive, try and be positive as much as possible but forcing positivity in some situations just isn't the way forward. Sometimes you need to let yourself have a down day so you can really appreciate your good days, as that quote says "you can't have a rainbow without a little rain" and it's true. Our bodies are not wired to force happiness and positivity 24/7 and in the long run always forcing that would do more harm than good. 

Your parents know best. No actually, they don't always know best. Don't get me wrong sometimes what they say can be valuable but they don't always know what is best for you even if they think you do. They may want the best but they are not you and any advice they give will always be half biased towards the situation or only helpful from their experience, not yours. No situation is exactly the same and often the advice they give is just plain out not helpful one single bit. We live in an extremely different day and age to what our parents lived in and things just don't work the same as they used to.

Your dreams are too big or too unrealistic. Some of us do have big dreams which can be very hard to actually achieve but there is still no such thing as your dreams being "too big". Just because they're difficult to get to, shooting someone down for wanting something in life is just completely pointless. If I listened to everyone and gave up on my dreams I wouldn't have this blog as a part time job, I wouldn't have got an apprenticeship at a newspaper recently (ooo yes new news I'll come back to that) and I wouldn't be slowly going somewhere. I know my dreams are hard but no dreams are impossible and I just don't get the point in telling people to forgot about them or putting them down because of it. This is hands down the one I'm glad I ignored the most and I will always be a cheerleader to people trying to chase their dreams.

Do any of you have any advice you're glad you never listened to? Or do any of you disagree on any of these? I'd love to know your thoughts down below whether they're the same as mine or completely different, every opinion matters! If you want to stay updated on my posts then follow me on bloglovin HERE, I'm SO close to 1.5k followers and I'd love to get there at some point soon! I'm currently celebrating as I got an apprenticeship as a junior journalist/editorial assistant at a newspaper and I couldn't be any happier! I've struggled to get into that field for so long and I feel like I might finally be getting somewhere, eekkk.



  1. Omg February is almost over and I can't believe March is next week. These are all so true. You are so right - sometimes I need a day to just let myself get down. And I also believe that your dreams are never too big, if you want something you can go and get it!!


    1. Shocking isn't it! Thank you I'm glad you agree x

  2. Totally agree that February has gone so quickly, I can't believe that it's nearly March! Also agree with you on being positive 24/7- it's just not healthy. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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  4. I think it's silly to "always be positive". It's fine to feel emotions like anger, sadness, or frustration. What matters is how you handle the situation once you've had time to process your emotions. I'm a big fan of the approach that you can't change the past, so it's better to look at a situation and think about how you could do differently in the future.


  5. Great post.