7 Reasons To Start A Blog

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I always get messages on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat from people who want to start blogging and are too afraid to take the leap, I know there are a lot of blogs out there and to some people it may seem slightly intimidating (boy I know I was terrified when I first started and there was a lot less out there back then). Over the years my blog has turned into my life and I really do recommend starting one to most people, there are so many things you never even dreamed you'd learn from writing on a little website online but honestly you'd be surprised. I'm at the point where it's taught me so much and I'd feel so lost without it, something I never expected to happen, so today I'm going to give anyone who's nervous or worried to start 7 reasons why it could be the best decision of your life. Okay maybe that's a slighttt over exaggeration but we'll go with it okay?

1. It could open a WHOLE new skill set. I started my blog because I loved to write, I never expected myself to fall in love with photography possibly even more than I love writing, which is a huge thing to overstep and it all happened by pure accident. The more blogs went from shitty quality photos to perfect flatlays and photography the more I felt the pressure to take better photos and the more I ended up enjoying it and realising I was developing a massive passion for something I'd never expected.

2. It's an outlet. A blog is a really good place to let your emotions out. When I have something on my mind or find myself upset or even angry it makes for a great blog post. I can spill all my emotions out and I often feel a lot better after. Weirdly enough I've found my blog has also helped a lot with my anxiety which I couldn't be more thankful for.

3. You inspire yourself. I have always been a lazy, unproductive, boring little shit if I'm honest, however since having this blog it's definitely motivated me to do more with my life and inspired me in myself too, I feel like it's kind of changed me as a person in a way which may sound just plain out weird to you but it honestly has.

4. Builds confidence. You never would have guessed it but it really does, so many people tell me how much more confident I seem due to my blog and Youtube, yes I may still be a very shy person but compared to the person I used to be it's quite shocking how much my confidence has actually grown.

5. Inspires others. Not everyone may be into inspiring and helping other people, when i first started this blog that was never actually my intention, however over the years my writing style changed and I found a style I finally fit into, and the majority of the posts on this blog now are about making others feel less alone, making people think, giving advice and helping people out. I get a lot of messages about my lifestyle posts and how people have found them helpful and inspiring and honestly nothing is a better feeling.

6. You see things differently. This is slightly more difficult to explain but I'm a lot more open minded now than I was a few years ago all because of having a blog. It changes your perception on things in life and really does make you see not only the world but yourself through different eyes after a while. It improves your quality off life and you realise just how important it is to get things done, take risks and a lot of others.

7. It opens a whole new world. It helps you make new friends and teaches you to build strong relationships, gives you new interests I mean I was never interested in fashion or beauty or anything until I became a blogger and it's like I became a whole new person. It inspires you to chase your dreams and actually do something and makes you feel like a lot more is possible.

Have any of you wanted to start a blog but been too scared, or even have any reasons to add to the list? Be sure to comment down below because I'd love to know and have a chat! If you want to follow my Instagram then be sure to go do that over HERE and if you want to stay updated on my posts you can follow me on bloglovin HERE



  1. Blogging has really changed my life! Not only have a met amazing women who loves what I do. But also I've learnt so many things I would've have.
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves