Remarks You'll Get Tired Of If You're Always Single

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Now there is nothing wrong with living your life as a single lady (let's all high five in this together), whether it's by choice or just by pure unluck it's something we should enjoy. No drama, no arguing about what to watch on Nextflix, having a whole bed to ourselves, just plain out having no problems - unless you're one of those people who isn't in a relationship but still has relationship problems, girl I feel ya. At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with being single but I'm sure quite a few of you are also bored of certain comments, I know they are meant in a nice way but they just come across.. not so much.

Gossip Girl

1. "Maybe you always like the wrong guys" well point out the bloody damn obvious mate.

2. "Aw you have your whole life ahead of you, you'll find someone someday" I know I'll have someone eventually but that doesn't stop me cuddling my pillow every night right now does it?!

3."You'll find someone when you least expect it" Yeah I'll probs end up meeting the love of my life when I haven't showered and have wore the same clothes for 3 days straight and scare him off let's be real.

The Grinch

4. "You don't need a boyfriend to be happy" Obviously I know this and I'm not saying a relationship is the root of my happiness but one would be nice sometimes.. y'know

5. "You're gorgeous how on earth are you single?" Okaaayyy I never know how to take this one, partly a compliment I suppose but I mean clearly something else must be very wrong with me then because here I am, single as a pringle.

6. "Do you want to meet my single friend ...? You'll love him" Although I do appreciate you wanting to use your matchmaking skills on me, I'm sure we both know nothing's going to come out of that.

7. "Why don't you try online dating?" From experience this never gets you anywhere, they're either a catfish, nothing like they are online or they just wanna get into someone's hole.. if you know what I mean.


I know people mean all of these in a more than lovely way but somehow they just don't feel it, and let's be real all these remarks are rather pointless? There's just no need and none of them are going to make me feel any better (sorry not sorry), so please just refrain yourself! Do any of you single ladies get remarks like these a lot? Do you happen to like receiving them or are you like me and find them a bit less than helpful? Be sure to let me know as I'd love to know your opinions, and let me know what ones I missed out! 

In other news it's November now, did someone say Christmas?! Too soon? To be honest I'm super excited, I'd start decorating my house already if my parents allowed it but alas I can't, super disappointed. Not to mention it's cuddle weather season now and the closest thing I have to a guy is about 5 Primark blankets I cuddle under my quilt at night. Make sure to follow me on bloglovin HERE and let me know if you liked this style of post, I'm new to ones like these although I have posted a similar one HERE called "Signs he isn't worth it" which I'd say is deffo worth a read!



  1. Love this post, I relate to it so much! I get 'maybe you just like the wrong guys' said to me a lot and it's so annoying haha xx


    1. That's the most common one I get by far haha! xx

  2. omg i loved this post ! thanks for sharing