Weymouth Diaries: Monkey World

Monday, 4 September 2017

I apologise for not uploading in a while but I do have a legit excuse this time (for once).. I've been on holiday. Okay it wasn't anywhere fancy abroad, I may have stayed in the country but I did travel 5 hours so maybe we could call it a break? Yeah, we'll go with that. I went on a family 'break' to Weymouth in Dorset and oh my gosh was it gorgeous! We packed so much into such a short space of time so we could make the most of it which is why I've decided to do separate posts on everything as there's just so many photos. Firstly I've decided to show you all Monkey World which is the first thing we did, personally I never even knew it existed but hey ho, the monkeys were literally the cutest things! They were quite difficult to get photo's of though with how packed it was and bearing in mind there was a fence between us which made it 50 billion times harder unfortunately. Quick warning, all these Weymouth Diaries posts I upload will be mostly picture based as I took quite a few, so enjoy! 

There was a lot of walking around and it was so busy but there was loads to see and I surprisingly really enjoyed it. I used my Dads camera as I don't actually have my own and I took a total of 700 pictures throughout the entire trip, safe to say I got a bittt carried away haha! If you want to stay updated with the rest of the posts coming up from my trip (and my posts in general) then be sure to follow me on bloglovin HERE, I have some gorgeous pictures still to come. I also wanted to thank you all SO much because I finally hit 1.5k blog followers and I am ecstatic, all the support means so much and I can't even fathom how much my blog is growing as of late.



  1. I love Weymouth, and Monkey World! I always watch the TV series that is filmed there and I popped in on my way back from Weymouth last year, I got very carried away telling my friend which monkey was which... she wasn't overly impressed...