Melissa Bolona: Actress On The Rise

Friday, 26 May 2017

As most of you may know I am a major film buff, and yes my speciality is mostly behind the scenes but I do love finding new actors to admire and the celebrity world is full of rising stars. Among these is actress Melissa Bolona who has taken Hollywood by storm. Here is what you need to know about this amazing new face in Hollywood:

  1. Worldly Background: A child of mixed heritage, Melissa has experienced travel and living all around the world. During her childhood, young Melissa split her time between her house in New Jersey and Lima, Peru. During her University career she studied abroad in the American Business School in Paris.
  2. She’s Always Wanted to Act: In an interview with Bella Magazine she described the joy she felt when she entertained family and friends as a child. By age 12, Melissa began studying acting, though she took a hiatus while pursuing her undergraduate education.
  3. Modeling Career: In addition to acting, Melissa has modeled for companies like Ferrari and Gents, and has appeared in a number of magazines both in the US and abroad, including Venidades, Flaunt, and Esquire. Bolona began modeling in college, though it seems that the star is currently focusing on her acting career.
  4. Role Variety: She has established her ability to successfully play a number of roles given her recent performances. Her more recent roles include In Stereo where Melissa played Jennifer and also played Sarah in The Neighbor. You can check out a full list of her work on the Melissa Bolona IMDB page.  
  5. Unstoppable Drive: Despite her already substantial resume, she continues to work tirelessly as an actress and philanthropist. She has nearly a dozen roles in upcoming films and is slated to take on more. Upcoming films that will feature Melissa are Malicious, Category 5 and Year of Spectacular Man.

She currently splits her time between her two homes in New York and Los Angeles. With an amazing drive and visible talent, Melissa Bolona is due for a rapid rise to stardom and personally I can't wait to see what she does next!


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