Let's Talk: Viruses with AVG

Friday, 28 April 2017

I'm going to start this post off with a little story time, I mean why not? When I was in school we were all given a laptop, as a complete computer nerd I was pretty happy with that, however it didn't last long. Every other month I'd have to take it into computer tech because I messed it up, I didn't mean to but it just kinda happened. I was prone to getting some weird viruses on my laptops pretty much all the time and it meant I went through a fair few. To say my parents weren't happy was an understatement, even as I'm typing this I struggled to convince my Dad to let me use his computer to blog since somehow a virus has wormed it's way onto his computer, although can I just say it 100% wasn't me this time (although I am getting the blame, damn it). As I've grown up I've learnt a lot about protecting a computer from virus's and the best one to use in my opinion is www.AVG.com, my Dad has used this since the old complaining at me days and even now he's making me pause writing this to use it to try and sort his computer out.

 If I'm honest AVG are the only anti virus software I actually know about, obviously there are more but I know this is a popular one and it's one I'll stick with when I can finally afford my own computer too. Not only do they help with computer virus' but you can also use them to help your computer run faster, which is super helpful to me because my computer always gets way too slow for my photo and video editing after a while, which if you're a blogger or vlogger then you will know is the most painful thing ever. One thing I didn't know until recently though is that they have a mobile version too, it's a top anti virus app, I never even thought about using anti virus on my phone but thinking of it I think it's a fab idea and I know I'm going to find it super helpful too. I happen to watch a lot of tv series' on my phone and I know sometimes a lot of untrustworthy ads pop up, so I 100% think I need to get this just in case, better safe than sorry right?

Do any of you use anti virus software? I wish as a teenager I'd listened to my Dad then maybe these trust issues he has now wouldn't exist. I may know more about it now but I think teenage me severed that trust forever haha. I've got a ton of beauty reviews and even some interesting (and quite deep) lifestyle posts to upload over the next few weeks, I've been writing in bulk to make sure I have enough content and right now I really do. If you want to keep up to date on my posts be sure to follow me HERE on bloglovin, I recently hit 1.4k so thank you so much! I'm also thinking about doing a complete blog redesign, I can't help but feel my blog is looking a little bit too immature and well.. pink, what do you guys think?