Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The sun has been shining and it has actually felt quite warm, maybe we're just being optimistic about the weather, but summer is definitely on its way, on paper at least. So that means the garden needs to be summer ready, because even if the sun doesn't put its hat on, we can at least have an outdoor space fit for a king if it does decide to show up and to be honest we never know when it will so here are a few tips for getting your garden summer ready.

Spring Clean..

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house you know, you have to extend those marigold adorned fingers into the garden as well. Get rinsing that concrete down, wipe grime and cobwebs off ornamental pots, and declutter the garden of leaves and debris that has blown in over winter. You might also want to get rid of any ornaments, pots or plants that bring the look of the garden down. You know the types we mean, that pot frog that's gone all pale with the rain, or that bonsai tree that looks more like a twig stuck in soil, these poor souls have seen better days and it's time they were binned to make room for brighter, more aesthetically pleasing things. I know this isn't the most fun way to spend your time but it makes all the difference.

Be Conservative...

Just as soon as you've cleared your garden of all the ugly old ornaments and made it look tidy, you're at risk of filling it up with all the summer equipment you stored over winter. This is great as your barbeque and kids summer toys should be used during the warmer months, but do be conservative with what you bring out. You might need to declutter items you quickly stored without much thought last year. Perhaps it is time for a new table umbrella, or you would love to sell your garden chairs for some more comfortable ones. Go for it now rather than leaving these plans until summer as you're much less likely to want to change anything when the weather is nice and you're in full garden party mode.
Get Creative!
Now the garden is all beautiful, it is time to get creative! Could you introduce some colour to the space? Could your furnishings be more spectacular? Ideas to make your garden look more beautiful could be:
- Painting the fence a bright seaside hut colour like duck egg blue, or buttercup yellow
- Planting some fresh, colourful plants
-Getting cushions for the outdoor furniture recovered in some daring, bright and exciting prints - this Youtube video by ucsolutions shows you how to make garden cushions yourself, really easily
- Adding some modern garden ornaments like mirrored balls to let light and shape bring a visual focus to the garden
- Adding some rugs or blankets to the decking
Is There Anything More Substantial You Could Do?
It may be that you don't spend as much time in your garden as you would like because there are certain elements that need changing. Maybe there isn't a covered area to provide shade or shelter from the rain, or perhaps access to the garden is tricky. Perhaps you find the path to the seated area of the garden dangerous to walk on, or you just don't like the look of your garden at all. Here are some suggestions for key substantial changes you could make to make more of your garden:

- Get some decking laid, or if you have the skills, lay it yourself. It will make the garden look extremely modern, and provide a lovely raised area to sit or lie on in summer.
- Introduce some external bifold doors going into the garden. This will bring the outdoors in, and connect your home to your garden. It will also make it much easier to access the garden.
- Get a landscaper in to complete redo your garden. It may be that it just doesn't suit your needs how it used to and it needs a makeover. Landscaping isn't cheap but it will be worth the money when you regain the use of your outdoor space.
- Repave any concrete or stone areas to make them save, it isn't worth avoiding the garden or hurting yourself just because of a wobbly or uneven path.
-Create a covered area for weather protection, this makes your garden usable in all weathers. David Egg shows us how to make one DIY style in this handy Youtube video.
Little Practical Touches...
Sometimes it is the most practical things that suddenly change a space from unusable to usable. One key practical touch you could make to your garden is with lighting. Perhaps you have no lighting to use in the evening and so you don't sit outside in summer. Why not add some outdoor fairy lights, solar lights or an outdoor lamp so that the garden is usable in the evening in summer. It makes for a lovely alfresco entertaining space. Or what about a patio heater? Perhaps you get too chilly in the evenings to stay out, or in spring or autumn when the sun hasn't quite come out, you find yourself too cold to sit outside. A patio heater could provide that touch of warmth you need to keep you outside in the fresh air.

Hopefully you're feeling so full of inspiration now you're already making some creative plans to make your outdoor space summer ready. Remember, every square foot of your home you pay for, and it is precious, why not make the most of it?



  1. This is a gorgeous post, Isabelle! I really hope you start posting more posts, especially as we approach spring and summer! Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

    1. I really need to start doing more themed posts! xxx

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