Natural World Coconut Water Weightless Hair Oil Review*

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My hair is something I've never really took much care of, I've never found it important. However in recent months I finally realised just how important it is to look after your hair the way you would any other part of your body and I feel like a new woman. Well, a new woman with the determination to sort the mess on top of her head out that is. I currently have split ends up to my ears, hair more dead than Dobby (Ouch.. sorry guys) and it just needs sorting out asap, so when Brodie and Stone offered to send me their coconut water hair care range I was over the moon. This review is solely based on the weightless hair oil, however I will be doing another review soon on the shampoo and conditioner when I've managed to trial them out enough to be able to talk about them. I've been super excited to use this and it's become a regular product in my routine, so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys.

The product states that it leaves the hair "beautifully hydrated, soft and shiny" and that it helps with "dehydrated and dull looking hair". Personally my hair is the definition of dull looking and dehydrated, so I was really curious to see if this would actually work and if it'd help make my hair look a little less.. eugh. The one problem I've always had with hair oils is that most I've tried have either made my hair feel greasy or have just plain out not made a difference so I'm sure you can understand my reasons for being sceptical.  The product itself comes in a 100ml bottle which I think is a decent size for a hair oil, the packaging is just beyond cute but I may be biased as it does have my favourite colours. The product itself smells AMAZING but it does have a coconut scent so that's just obvious and I'm a massive fan of coconut smelling products.

After having my bath/shower I pour a few drops onto my hands and massage it into the ends and the lengths of my hair. The actual texture of it is slightly velvety but where it's quite thin it settles in nicely. After using this for a month and a bit I am quite impressed and I can't wait to see how it works alongside the shampoo and conditioner. It didn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all (which is a massive thumbs up from me) and it proudly stands up to everything it says on the bottle. I'll upload the other review next month and let you guys know how I get along with them, although if they're anything like this then I doubt I'll have a problem.

Do any of you use hair oils? If so have you found a holy grail product you stand by? Be sure to let me know in the comments as I'd love to hear what you guys love, but I'd 100% recommend this! If you're interested in keeping up to date with my blog then go over to Bloglovin and follow me HERE. I've planned a bunch of posts to make sure I get back into a regular posting schedule and I am feeling organised as hell. God it feels good. I'll also be restarting my Instagram again soon so go follow the link in my social media buttons in my sidebar. I'm planning on deleting everything and having a complete fresh start from here.



  1. I have a similar product but with coconut water and shea butter,its makes wanders. I think I would love this product too.XOXO,Elena from Beauty Magic Box