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Friday, 13 January 2017

One thing I always say I'm going to talk about more on this blog but never do is fashion. It may not seem it but god do I really love clothes and jewellery and just, well.. fashion. Recently I came across a wholesale brand otherwise known as "Apparel Candy". They have everything from wholesale clothing, shoes and bags to cosmetics, reading glasses and fragrances. Basically anything you can think of, they probably have. So today I thought I'd go through their store and share with you some of my favourite things they have on there.

Now I don't know about you but I love a good pair of sunglasses and although it's winter and snowing it's never too early to be prepared, right? I found these gorgeous ones on the top row of the sunglasses section and I honestly didn't bother looking any further because look how gorgeous they are?! I would wear these every day of the summer if I could, so fingers crossed I get contacts by then, wearing actual glasses always have to ruin everything don't they, sigh.

Lastly I chose 3 clothing items because let's face it, I'm a clothes whore. Especially for tops and dresses oh my. The first top is probably my favourite thing on the site. It's quite girly and it shows off a little but not too much, which is exactly my style. The dress I'm quite proud I chose since it's a colour I wouldn't normally wear, 99% of the clothes I own (and notice when shopping) are black, but I love the blue colour of this and I think it's so pretty. I also like how it's got a cut off where your shoulder is, so plain yet perfect. Lastly we have another black top, what a surprise. This one with what looks like watermelon lollies? It kinda reminds me of quite a tumblr styled top, the ones you'd find in Camden market which by the way I used to live in haha!

I would happily wear every single one of these that I picked out, and I actually really want them all now. Since I still don't have the confidence to actually photograph myself in clothes for this blog yet (yay for insecurities) I'll probably have to stick to posts like this for now, however if anyone has any tips for getting over that fear of mine that'd be greatly appreciated! I really want to start showing off my love of fashion over here on the occasion and I think these posts are a great starting point, although I have done 2 actual 'me style' posts which you can find HERE. They aren't great but I'll get there eventually.. hopefully. Be sure to go over and follow me on bloglovin HERE, I recently hit 1.3k followers which is insane for me, thank you so much I really appreciate all the support! I also have an Instagram giveaway going on HERE so be sure to check that out and give me a follow, I'm so into Insta lately!



  1. I'd love to visit Camden Market haha! I've only been to a few parts of London but the ice lolly top is perfect for summer! In all honesty I normally just stick to plain clothing and avoid prints now but used to love wearing stuff like this a couple of years back but had to simplify my wardrobe when moving out to my own place. I will have to check out your style posts as I love seeing other peoples style xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Yeah I'm the same, I used to wear printed tops constantly (and half of them were quite embarrassing if I'm honest haha) xx