We're All Just Puzzles

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I'm sure most of you can say that you have things missing from your life. Whether it be a boyfriend, a job, hope (or if you're like me, all of the above.. ha) we all have that one missing piece that we just need to find to fit our puzzle. I know a fair few of my readers noticed that recently my blog has been MIA, non existent, offline. I had a few technical issues which resorted to my blog not being accessible to anyone, including myself and boy did I feel like something had been missing. I've always loved this blog but I never realised just how much of a big part of me it was until it was gone. I felt like I wasn't me, like there was a slot with nothing inside of it and nothing in my life made sense without it. Okay you may think I'm exaggerating slightly and maybe I am, but this little internet space takes up an awful big part of who I am and it made me think. We're all searching for something, or even someone to 'complete' us, if you want to put it that way that is, but why?

I heard a quote not too long ago and it said something along the lines of how we are always going to feel like something's missing. You think you need a boyfriend? Well when you get one you'll find something else you need, something else that you feel like you're missing. At the end of the day we are all just puzzles that will never find the last missing piece, none of us will ever be complete. We'll always be after something new and nothing will ever change that, even if you feel like you do have everything. It really made me think about how I say "I need this, I need that" and how it never seems to end. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can be close to completion and there may only be a small gap with nothing in it and that's alright, I know I'm at that stage at the moment. 

For the most part I have practically everything I need to live a happy and successful life and that's whats most important. Yeah there are probably a lot of things I feel are missing and I want, but I have everything to be happy in myself and with what I'm doing and that should be all I need. We all seem to aim for an unreachable and an impossible goal of having everything we could ever want but I don't think that's what life is about, so why do we all waste so much time trying to do it? Happiness doesn't come just from what you have, okay yeah that is a big part of it but in no way is that everything. Happiness comes from you and being content with what you've got. It's okay to want things and feel like you need something in your life to acquire that happiness, but that should never be the root of it.

Now I'm not sure if these thoughts were just complete rambles but I really did feel quite empty when this blog was almost non-existent and it really made me think. I'd love to hear all of your opinions on this down below and what you think of the whole concept of it, for all I know I could be talking complete rubbish and I mean that wouldn't surprise me! Be sure to click HERE to follow me on bloglovin as now I'm back in my little internet bubble I'll be posting regularly again, which makes me more happy than anyone could understand! This blog and all of you mean everything to me and are hands down the biggest part of my life. I don't want this to stop any time soon and if it did I don't think I'd be me anymore. I'm hoping to get a camera at Christmas so I won't have to use crappy iPhone shots, photography has been something my life has lacked the past few months and I can't wait to get back into it and share everything with all of you!