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Monday, 17 October 2016

I've found in my quest to be more positive that one of the most important things to keep me going is quotes. Quotes, more quotes and oh look, even more quotes! They keep me motivated and inspired and I can hands down say I don't know how I'd stay sane without them. So inspired by the wonderful Sprinkle of Glitter I thought I'd share a new quote with you every single Monday in a series called "Inspire Me" to help keep you motivated for your week, I've always found Mondays to be quite refreshing and reading and thinking about an inspiring quote at the beginning of every week is an amazing way to keep both myself (and obviously you guys) motivated! Choosing a quote for the first week was super hard not going to lie, I have so many incredible ones that I basically live by, but in the end I decided this one was a good starting point!

The hardest place to start is believing in yourself. Believing that you can do it, but that also happens to be the most important. There have been plenty of things in my life that I've wanted to do or achieve but I've had that voice in my head "good luck with that, it'll never happen." It has me convinced that okay yeah I'll try and do said thing, but I'll never get anywhere, nothing will ever happen in the long run, and that's the kind of mindset you need to make sure you get yourself out of ASAP.

Believing in yourself and believing that you CAN do it are the first things you need to make sure you do. Want to write that book but you don't believe you can do it? If that's your mindset then to be frank no, you won't do it. Change that around though and think to yourself yes I've got this, I can do it and BAM you're already on your way to writing that book, congrats! I'm not saying it's easy because boy I know it isn't, but believing it gives you your best chance at getting to your goal and what else could you need?

I tend to have quite a negative outlook on myself, it's something that I've had subconsciously my entire life and nothing good has ever come out of it. Only recently have I managed to slip myself into this positive attitude and it sheds a new light on so many things I do and think. I promise you that when you start believing in yourself and what you're doing you will find it so much easier to actually do it, and you'll even find that you do it better! The power of positivity and believing in yourself is so strong and you'll never understand just how strong it is until you take it on yourself, and once you do you'll never want to go back.

If you have any inspiring quotes that you'd like me to share then be sure to comment them down below and I might include them, or even make your own post inspired by this and share it with me so I can link it in my next Inspire Me post next Monday, I'd love to hear how you guys stay on top of life and stay happy and motivated! Make sure to follow me on bloglovin HERE, I'll be posting on this little space around 3 days a week and I'm always active when it comes to reading and commenting on other blogs, see you later!



  1. So inspiring babe xx

  2. Love the new blog design�� such an inspiring quote��

  3. This is a great quote - sometimes I find believing in myself is the hardest challenge of all, and you're right that it's so important to make a positive effort to do so. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It really is the hardest challenge but so worth it x

  4. Love the quote, I will print it and put in on my desk as a reminder that I can accomblish many things if I believe in myself! :)


  5. The world definitely needs more positivity! Good on you for starting this series x