What To Do When The World's Against You

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Lately I've been feeling super inspired to write, which is good news for all of you lovelies since I'll be back posting more than once a month! I'm beyond happy that i'm out of my creative block meaning I can finally write again, it took some time but I am backkkkk so you'll have to put up with me for a lot longer! I just want to say thank you so much for all the support you've been giving me on twitter lately, reading through all of your lovely and kind DM's really does make me happy and puts a massive smile on my face and I couldn't ask for better readers than you lovely bunch. Soppy stuff aside, thank you! I've planned out a bunch of posts and I have so many ideas floating around my head I can't help but feel like a new person. Or does that just sound weird? Hah, oh well.

I'm sure we all know the feeling of when you just can't help but think the world and everyone in it is completely against you, it's a natural human thought we will all have a few times in our lives. However some people will feel it a lot more than others and it can really get you down if you let it take over your mindset too much which is a straight up cause for trouble. I mean I know perfectly well that the world isn't against me and it's all just in my imagination, but when everything you could possibly think of is going wrong it can definitely get you down and make you feel like everything isn't worth it, and right now I know this feeling too well. I don't want to feel like I do, no one does, so today I thought I'd share a few ways to help you out when you're feeling like this, but remember that you are not alone!

Sometimes giving up feels like a good idea, I mean i'm unemployed, in so much debt it's getting to a scary level, i'm single and alone as hell and I've lost a fair few friends lately. I recently smashed my phone, lost my ID, makeup and leather jacket in one night alone and I mean when you're as poor as me that's enough to put anyone down! These may all be just examples of such small things but once you add everything up into one it creates a much bigger picture, and not exactly a positive one at that. I'm not going to share every puzzle piece that adds to me feeling like the world's against me because not only is it personal but there's no point, this is a common feeling and everyone has their own reasons as to why they feel the way that they do, so my job here is to help you overcome it just like i'm trying to. We're all in this together *sings High School Musical in my head*... I promise I'm in my 20's guys.

Take care of yourself. This is hands down the most important thing I could possibly think of, it may seem like nothing but it really is so vital. Make sure you're getting enough sleep at night (around 8 hours is recommended), and I don't mean going to bed at weird times and waking up in the middle of the afternoon, try to sleep at a reasonable time so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. I know it's hard but trust me it's so worth it! Get enough exercise, eat healthily to a certain extent (trust me I'm not making you give up pizza or ice cream here don't worry, but just don't go too over the top with it!) They may seem so small and pointless but they really aren't, taking care of yourself and your body is key. Drink more water, do something you love whether it's watching a certain TV show, reading a book or seeing someone that makes you happy, just do things you enjoy and that you love to do and try to realise that self care is so so so important!

There's a quote that I've recently remembered by the one and only Winston Churchill - "If you're going through hell, keep going" and I feel like we could all learn something from it! When life gets tough it's easy to give up, I mean sometimes I feel like i'm just constantly trying and never getting anywhere and it's really off putting, I have moments when I just think I give up. I'm done, What's the point? If i'm never getting anywhere and just walking into the same old wall every time then really what is the damn point? But at the end of the day what is giving up going to do? I know it feels like keeping going isn't working but what are you going to get out of giving up? Okay yeah I'll admit it's the easiest and less painful option but it's the wrong one. No one said life was easy and I'm sure by now we all know it isn't, but giving up is never the answer. I live by this quote now and I think about it every single day when I want to give up (so a daily basis hah) but it really does help. One day all of these bad things will be over and all of the good stuff will feel so much better and you'll be thankful that you carried on trying, even if it felt like hell.

I know this was kind of short but do these things and I promise you that you will feel better, I know these won't take all of your problems away but they may be able to help you realise that the world isn't against you, there's no such thing. Moving on, I'm not far off 1.2k on bloglovin, so if you're interested in seeing my upcoming posts then be sure to follow me HERE! Soon I'll be adding a bit more variety to this blog with some beauty and fashion posts, along with some book reviews and etc, so be sure to look out for them. This will still be a lifestyle based place don't worry, but every now and then I think it'd be fun to mix it up a bit and throw in some other styled posts. Tweet me letting me know what you think because I'd love to hear your thoughts and don't forget to comment down below! Do you ever feel like the world's against you? How do you get through it? It'd be super interesting to read though anyones comments on this subject and to see if anyone has any advice they can add!



  1. I'm glad you're back! I'm sorry to hear things have been a bit shitty, sounds like a rough old bunch of crap! :(

    I've been feeling a little bit like this too lately. I've had so much negative crap that just seems to be never ending but then I always seem to somehow find the light at the end of the tunnel. I always think there's always something to be grateful for and that's what keeps me going! Find something that makes you happy and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you - you'll totally get there :)

    Here if you need me girl!

    Tania | teabee xxx

  2. I love this Winston Churchill quote.

    You'll get better, Im sure. We all go through hard times but it doesnt matter how dark the tunnel is there is always a light at the end of it. xx


  3. I definitely suffer from this feeling at times, and it can be hard to snap out of it when bad things keep happening and it feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. But you're so right - keeping on going is the only thing to do. I don't know why, but having a good clear out always makes me feel like I'm getting my life in order and motivates me to keep pushing forward. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I have to agree, makes me think clearer too x

  4. I definitely know how you're feeling. Back in June I basically had a quarter life crisis and just felt like everything was going wrong, but a few months later and a few changes made and I feel so much better about life! Time really is the best healer. I hope you feel better soon too, this is a lovely post :)

    The Makeup Directory

    1. I'm really glad you're feeling better lovely :)

  5. Your blog is just amazing!! I loved everything :)


  6. The quote from Winston Churchill is the best. It is the only way to overcome any difficulties, bad times and negative emotions, the only way to overcome these is to keep going :) Great post!


  7. Ahh I was thinking about this exact feeling just the other day. I've just arrived in India and to a culture and a way of life that is so foreign to me, I feel as if half the time I'm going around no doubt looking completely lost and confused. But at the same time how often do I daydream about those ‘perfect’ days I've had this past year. They weren't really perfect, I'm just remembering all the good that happened in them. How often do I hold my raw present reality up against my romanticised past or future and long to be there? The truth is life is never perfect and one day I’ll be nostalgically longing for now so I might as well embrace it.

    I absolutely loved this post and you've written it in such a perfect way.

    All the love,

    Anne // www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

    1. Exactly, life will never be perfect and that's a hard concept to grab but it's true! Thank you beaut, have fun in India x

  8. Ah yes, definitely just keep going and battle on! It won't be perfect and things will get hard but you just have to perceiver! Great post :)

    xx SofiaaDot

  9. I'm super sorry you're having a rubishy time ! I hope you're okay after losing your id and jacket and everything :) I find it helps me to take a night off to my self and pamper myself, have a lush bath, paint my nails, watch netflix and allow myself to accept my sadness for a night and then the next morning I have an action plan of things to do to take control and feel better eg. go to the gym or apply for jobs ect :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. It's causing a few problems but nothing too serious! I love that idea, that's something I like to do too, I always feel so refreshed and motivated the next day xxx

  10. This post was amazing! x

  11. Isabelle,

    Thank you for sharing these insightful tips. I think we all can relate to these types of moments or periods. The most important thing is to remember to keep going. Things will get better. i will be subscribing now!


  12. You actually have 1.2k followers now! Congrats!
    Aleeha xXx