Small Goals For July

Monday, 11 July 2016

Okay I know this post is being uploaded a tad late but i've been so busy lately so I apologise! I have so much going on right now it's kinda crazy, but don't worry I'll still be regularly posting on here, you all have nothing to worry about! Lately I've been both the happiest i've ever been but also the saddest i've ever been, which is hands down one of THE most confusing thing's ever and makes 0 sense, but I'm just trying to roll with it. If you read my June goals post (which you can find HERE) you'll be happy to hear that I have completed 3 of the 4 goals!!  I hit 1,000 bloglovin followers a few days after the end of the month, so thank you all so so much for that, it means an awful lot and i'm so happy with where this blog is heading at the moment! I've kept up the regular posting and I've also organised my bookshelf, so my productivity levels are feeling greaaatttt right now.

1. Get down to 9 stone

In December last year I weighed just under 13 stone, a month ago I weighed myself to find out I'd gotten down to 10 stone 11 pounds without even trying, and today I weighed myself again and I'm now 10 stone 4 pounds, which I'm ecstatic with! I'm doing it all in a very healthy way and my reasons for losing the weight are completely moral, 9 stone is my ideal goal so once I've hit that it's all just about maintaining it! I've been a lot more confident since I've lost what I have and in turn that's made me a lot happier and I think that's what's important. I'm not doing it for anyone else but I'm doing it for myself and how I feel about myself.

2. Keep up regular posting

As I said earlier, I'm really happy with where my blog is going at the moment. My followers, page views and comments have all gone up so much, I'm extremely happy with the stuff I'm posting and how often I'm posting it, and I'm extremely proud of myself for it all. I've made so many new blogger friends recently and they're all helping motivate me so much. By the end of the year I'd ideally like this to be a small part time job, I mean I make money from this every now and then but not enough to even be a part time thing, and I'd love to change that. I'm not quite sure how but I'm just going to keep doing what I love doing and just add a few business strategies to it and maybe one day I'll get there, who knows.

3. Start writing again

Now when I say start writing again I don't mean on this blog, I mean I'll keep doing this no matter what but I want to start writing stories and poetry and all of that stuff again. As a kid and a teenager I wrote notebooks and notebooks full of stuff, but all I do now is this, which isn't enough. I want to start writing anything and everything again, from fictional things to transferring my own thoughts and feelings onto paper, I always forget that when I'm writing I'm at my happiest, and that's something I need to make sure I don't let go of. The less I write the more I feel like I don't know who I am, which may sound silly to you but it's honestly true, and I think that's kind of sad.

4. Exercise more

This one kinda fits in with the first, I need to do a lot more exercise. Not just to lose weight, but to be a lot more fitter. I mean I can run for 5 seconds and I'm done for the day, my fitness levels are at an extreme low and I'm super unhappy with it, I need to sort myself out and start working out! I want to tone up my legs and my stomach, after all you can never go wrong with having a bit of muscle and considering I have absolutely none right now, I could probably do with that. Next year I'd love to be fit enough to do things like the Race For Life and all that kind of stuff, I'm currently a long way off but I hope to get there one day.

Again, thank you so much for 1,000 followers, I really hope you all enjoy reading this blog because I deffo enjoy writing it, and if you have anything in particular you want me to write about then just hit me up and I'll be straight on it. If you haven't followed me on bloglovin yet and you want to, you can do so HERE. I'm always active over there whether it's following, reading or commenting, I love interacting with other blogs so leave your links down below for me to check out!



  1. Number 2 and 4 are my goals too! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!!

  2. Love these goals & love your desk space - So cute!! (:

  3. Good luck with your goals! I love the idea of having little monthly goals. I've just joined a gym and it is hard (I'm so unfit), my personal trainer has me running on the treadmill for like a minute at a time with a 2 minute walk/rest and I'm dead hah! Good Luck!
    xo April | April Everyday

  4. Congrats on reaching 1000 Bloglovin' followers, as well reaching your weight loss goals! All of your aims sound totally achievable for this month and I really hope they've been going well so far :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Lancome and Elizabeth Arden Beauty Giveaway!x