Taking Time To Yourself

Monday, 2 May 2016

Don't get me wrong I love having a busy schedule. I really do love being away from home and always having things to do because it means when you do get time to sit and chill and unwind you appreciate it so much more than when you do it all the time. Having a balance is a key thing but it's important you're not so busy that you completely forget to have any relaxed time to yourself. I find myself a lot happier when I have a break from the outside world, from my friends and family and focus on myself. These are the moments you can really reflect on yourself as a person, your well-being, your stability, your life and everything else. Take a breather and focus on you.

I've always been one for overthinking my life and not thinking rationally. If years, even months, ago I'd sat down, had time to myself and logically thought everything through with a clear mind I would have saved myself so much hassle. Stressing and thinking things through with a busy mind will do you no favours whatsoever, it'll cloud the situations and cloud your judgement and you won't really get anywhere but making yourself even more stressed out than you were before. That was all I used to do, even up to a few weeks ago, but the past week I've realised that's not the way I want to do things. I want to actually get somewhere when I reflect on my life and how I can improve myself, and unwinding and chilling is the most important thing you can do to help that.

Light some candles, watch your favourite film, take a long bubble bath or read a book. Do whatever it is that makes your 'you time' enjoyable, doing things you love will always make you slightly happier even on your worst days and nothing could calm you more. Personally I like to write and blog, they're almost like an escape to me. I feel like i'm someone else, someone with no problems who has their life together and is happy. It relaxes me and takes me out of the real world for a few hours, which is all I need to keep me going.


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