It's All About The Small Things

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Don't get me wrong I hate following the crowd and being a sheep but seeing so many bloggers posting lists on things that make them happy recently has really made me smile. Sharing positivity is such an amazing thing to do and it creates such an uplifting environment that I couldn't help but decide to make a list myself. I had a good think about it and created this list at 3am, there was so much more I could have added but I thought I'd keep it short and sweet. So without further ado and me babbling on for too long, here are a list of 30 small things that make me happy.

1. The sound of rain when you're all cosy in a car
2. Pretty stationery
3. The smell of blown out candles
4. The colour of the sky as the sun sets
5. Relaxing bubble baths
6. The smell of a new book
7. Birds tweeting when you wake up early
8. Wearing new clothes for the first time
9. How refreshed I feel when I finally clean out my room
10. Dogs. Just dogs.
11. When my Instagram theme's finally on point
12. Discovering a new blog!
13. Fresh bed sheets. Pure heaven.
14. Long drives blasting loud music.
15. Highlighters
16. A good old lists. I love lists.
17. Replying to blog comments
18. Bonfires
19. Looking up at the stars on a clear and quiet night
20. Inspiring quotes
21. Pretty packaging
22. A lovely fresh cup of tea.
23. Concerts and any kind of live music
24. Cuddles
25. When my makeup turns out perfect
26. Going for a nice cold beer on a warm day
27. When my favourite song comes on the radio
28. Meeting old friends
29. Having a productive day for once!
30. Harry. Fricking. Potter

I feel it's so important to spread the positivity and be happy about the small things in life, any of these things could probably turn such a blue day into a lot more of a bright one and I think that's wonderful. Let me know if any of you have made a post like this so I can check it out, and if not then be sure to tell me some of the things that make you happy and we can share around more of this positive vibe :)



  1. I'm loving these posts as well! It really feels like there has been a movement to spread positivity in the blogging community lately and I think it's such an awesome and positive thing! I love your list...#3 especially! I hadn't ever thought about it but I love the smell of just blown out candles as well!

  2. You didn't mention ice cream! It's naughty, but very very nice ;-]

    1. I'm not the biggest ice cream fan haha!

  3. long drives with loud music is sooo good. i also love the smell of rain when its warm outside. just so good.

  4. Love the idea of this post, also what a perfect list. Might do one some time! It's great to be positive and share it :) xx

  5. i like cuddles too! x

    jess x |

  6. What a lovely list. Gemma x

  7. What a lovely post :) I'm just newly entering the blogosphere and I love what a great community it seems to be, lifting each other up :D

    Lucy x

    1. It's such a lovely community, couldn't wish for anything more x

  8. Like this camera ;)
    Mónica Sors

  9. Yes x 30! Love this post:)


  10. The smell of a new book and magazines!! My fave ever! xx