For The Love Of Stationery

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

For my birthday this year my Nan decided to get me a few presents to go with the birthday money she had, and god was I shocked at how well she knew what to get! I've never been one for organisation, in fact I'm probably one of the most disorganised people ever. Nothing in my room has a place and everything is just splattered everywhere. Literally. I'm hoping to redecorate my room soon but firstly I need to start by being more organised or it's just going to continue looking like a massive tip even when it's finished. We want to avoid that, right?

These two gold and white striped boxes are part of the present, and can we just talk about how aesthetically pleasing they look?! I'm not going to lie, right now they don't really fit in with my room and the decor, but that just gives me an even better reason to redo it! I have no clue what I'm planning on using these for but I know I'll find an amazing use for them when it comes to making me more organised. The last two things she got are the two notebooks, which look like such bloggery tumblr notepads to me, and I love it! I'm a massive stationary lover and I'm always up for new notebooks and anything of the sort, so these couldn't be any more spot on if they tried. I'm planning on using these for blog ideas and anything else blog related, since I really need to start organising myself when it comes to this little place, it needs a lottttt of work.

I'm completely in love with these, especially the adorable little pink notepad, they all look so pretty and so me, I think my Nan did a great job and she really surprised me. When I next get paid I'm definitely going to have to invest in some more cute stationery and organisation things, I'm falling head over heels and I just need more. This obsession isn't taming any time soon!



  1. Stationery is writing gear. Stationary is not moving. Pedantic comment; sorry about that

  2. hahaha ... I never noticed that myself too XD Stationery vs Stationary