New Year, New Me?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I feel like I should apologise for the lack of posts on here as of late, but I realised that I do it way too much and I'm just going to hope we're on a level of friendship where you trust me enough to know I have good reasons, right? Being away from my blog has made me think just how much I miss it when I don't post, this place means a lot to me and being apart for a long length of time is just too much for me, so I'm back for good now hollaaaaahhh. This post isn't going to be a typical 'new year new me' post regardless of the title, but I feel slightly off if I don't make one. 

This year not only do I want to focus on really making this blog something I can be proud of (liking the new layout anyone?!) but I want it to be the year I really focus on my own happiness. If you know me then you will know that I'm naturally a negative person, half the time I don't even realise that I'm actually doing it and it's accidental, which is not the person I want to be anymore. Using the internet a lot less the past month to focus on my personal life has been very reflective, and if you want a change in your life but are stuck like I was then I'd highly recommend it. Hopefully I don't slip back into my previous mindset because god was it dangerous as hell, but with the people I have in my life right now I'm positive that I can do this. 

I never truly realised the power of having the right people surrounding you; my confidence is slowly increasing, I'm doing things I wouldn't normally do, my anxiety is now only a very minor problem (and most of the time not even a problem at all), my depression is almost unoticable and I'm just finding myself being generally and genuinely just happy. Okay yeah I have my off days, i'm not going to pretend everything's all perfect because that doesn't happen overnight, it takes time. This time last year, infact this time even 2 months ago, I never thought I'd see the day where I feel actual happiness, so having come this far is a miracle in itself. I'm proud of me.

I'm going to stop with the soppiness now but it was needed, sorry hahah! But I want this blog to be a part of my life still, no matter how much everything is changing for me. You can't get rid of me that easily.

(P.S. regular posting will start again from today, I'll post as often as I can so go follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with everything!!)



  1. wishing you all the happiness in 2016, so glad you feel more positive and can hopefully this inspires others to feel the same! x

  2. All the best dear