Vernez App Launch Event

Friday, 11 September 2015

The other week I went to the launch party for an app called Vernez, it's a fashion based app where you can create your own little outfit boards and follow people and a bunch of other cool stuff. As someone who has no clue about fashion, for me this is a lifesaver! Anyway, it was a great evening full of free wine, meeting some super interesting people (including the lovely people who work at Vernez, some fabulous bloggers and even a boyband called Franklin Lake). 

Apart from getting lost on the way there (typical really) I had so so so much fun with my friend Jessie (shown in the first photo, she's so beautiful right?!), also some of these photos were taken by her but I can't remember which ones, just had to throw that credit in there though! Be sure to go check out the app if you haven't already, I genuinely absolutely love it.



  1. Beautiful photos! I had such a good time at the Vernez launch <3