Film Favourites: The Duff

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I first saw this film in the cinema with my parents, not the best choice I know, and not going to lie I wasn't expecting much. The only real reason I first gave it a chance was because it had queen Bella Thorne in it who is one of my favourite actresses of all time, she's just wonderful. Anyway in the end I was so glad I saw it as it's quickly become one of my top films and here's why.

For starters it's like an updated version of Mean Girls (and I mean let's be real here, it'd slay Mean Girls 2 any day). Obviously it's very different but it definitely has a lot of similar aspects and themes to it. I really enjoyed how social media was incorporated into this, I didn't feel like it was too try hard at all unlike some high school films, and I loved how it recognised online bullying in one of it's most popular forms. 
 I found myself relating to Bianca way too much, I mean I'm by far the Duff of all my friendship groups! Forever being asked about my friends and being ignored by everyone ever, I know that feel gurlll. I think Mae was perfectly cast and it brings me great joy knowing that when the author originally wrote about her dream cast it actually included her, I mean is that not super cool? Every Authors dream. I loved the rest of the casting just as much, even if Robbie Amell (who plays Wesley) is actually like 27. I can forgive him for that beautiful face of his. 

When it comes to clichés yeah it had a few, but honestly what film doesn't have at least one? Apart from the whole 'girl gets the guy' thing I found the rest of it completely cliché clean and the humour involved just came so naturally. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't actually read the book yet, which is a shocker when it comes to me since I seem to have read every book to film adaptation ever before there's even news of it hitting cinemas. I'll deffo be making sure it's added to my 'to read' list soon!

If you haven't already seen it I'd really recommend it, it's so light hearted and a pick me up, I could just watch it again and again and again. I'm new to writing film and book reviews so I hope this was at least mildly okay, and constructive criticism is more than welcome (like please), I'm seeing Paper Towns tonight so maybe I'll have to review that, and since I've read the book I can do a comparison sort of thing. Maybe. Who knows.



  1. this is such a good film, i love it!:-)

  2. Oo I'll definitely be giving this a watch now - great review! Also I had no idea it was a book too!

    Laura xx

  3. Nice review. Not that we go to the flicks much nowadays and stick with TV films.
    Good job they didn't call this one "Up The Duff " isn't it. As for 'girl gets guy' it sounds like the old adage, A man chases a girl - until she catches him.

  4. I really want to go see this film!

    1. i'd deffo recommend it :)
      Sorry for the comments spam, i'm just catching up haha!