A place to Call Home + SitC Blues

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A place you feel at home. That's all most human beings want. Whether it's a physical place, or an emotional place of some sort, we all want it. 

Now i'm one of those people who can stay away from my physical home for any length of time and it not bother me, I'm one of those people who prefers the emotional sense. For so long i've been looking for a place where I feel like I belong, and I think I've finally found it. I've been in the Youtube and blogging community for a long time yet it's never been that place for me until now. I can't really pinpoint what happened, what changed, but somewhere in the past 2 weeks I've settled myself into a place where I feel like I have a family.

To be quite frank Summer In The City was incredible. The friends I met I am SO thankful for, the viewers that came up to me really helped keep me going and the Youtubers i met made me feel more like friends than just a number, all of which is so special to me. There really are some of the loveliest people in that community and I honestly can't thank everyone enough for every minute of that weekend. When I say it was the best week of my life I'm being completely genuine, and also a tad emotional. I'm not used to feeling like I'm worth something, like I'm wanted somewhere, like I belong somwhere, and it means the world that I have it.

Anyway, soppiness over it was so much fun and I'm beyond excited for next year (and what happens inbetween), although post SitC blues are currently hitting me hard like a truck unfortunately. I also went to a short film screening last night at Youtube in London which was super cool, Bertie Gilbert is beyond talented and they gave you free wine so really what could be better?



  1. I'm so upset I haven't been to any meet ups or festivals this year :( Roll on next year then!

    1. the year isn't over yet though!! there is still time haha!!

  2. A genuinely lovely post. No soppiness at all; you write what's in your heart and that's what makes it a really great piece. Keep going strong.