Too Hot For Summer | Monochrome

Monday, 20 July 2015

I've wanted to do fashion posts on this blog for an awful long time but the fear of it can be pretty overwhelming considering I'm not the most body positive person out there. I mean I've uploaded a few here and there (and by that I mean like 2), but I'm determined to make it more of a regular thing now. So excuse me if I'm bad at this *quickly stalks 5 billion fashion blogs*

I got this Kryptik Rose crop tee a few months ago at The Bloggers Festival (post on that here) and I've been so in love with it ever since. I've added a black one to my wishlist but this top was perfect for this outfit. I just paired it with my new navy blue jeans which I'm completely obsessed with, like COMPLETELYYY, I wear them practically 24/7 now. Then jacket wise I bought this black and white patterned kimino style thing from Primark the other week and just added that, can't really go wrong with Primark haha!

Okay I gotta admit this isn't the most summery outfit out there however I really like it as it's super casual yet can lean more towards the dressy side when worn with jewellery, and yes it also lacks colour but that's part of the reason why it's my current go to outfit! I really hope this wasn't awfully bad but look forward to more of these in the near future (along with some other super cool stuff)



  1. We can see why you love this rose-patterned t-shirt. Simply beautiful.

    Yes, there may be 5billion fashion topics out there but there's always room for one more. xx