Being Stuck

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Recently I've been thinking and I kinda realised that I'm stuck. Not literally physically stuck to anything, but emotionally stuck. Stuck in this house, in this town, in this room, in this life. I'm stuck. Am I making sense? Probably not, but hear me out.

We all live very average lives, that's the normality of it all, and i'm fine with average. I'm fine with normal. However there is a point where you sit back and realise that you're stuck in the mud. You're living but you're not doing anything, you've fallen down a hole and instead of trying to sort it out and moving on to something new you've just sat there like "meh this will do". However it won't do, you can't let it do. (am I sounding crazy yet?). I've settled may be a better term, I've finished education and just settled, for pretty much nothing. I don't do anything and I don't know what I want to do. I've been stuck in this rut of just getting up and just 'being' every day for over a year now, and that's not okay. I need to move on and do something. At this point pretty much anything is better than nothing. 

I've settled for a less than average life and I wouldn't recommend anyone do the same. I can't pull myself out of this mud and no one else can either. So how do you change what's normal to you? It's sure not easy and I sure as hell don't know how. If any of you have or are going through this be sure to let me know how I can sort it out. I don't want to settle for normal anymore.



  1. Dear Amy, I've JUST this because your mum and nan are with us today. Would have so LOVED to have seen you too. We are immensely impressed with you achievements in the world of IT. You have a stunning shining talent. I will keep firmly in touch now that your web stuff is now known to me
    Love, George and Pat (Geoff's bruv in case you're wondering. xxxx

  2. Well now is a good time to figure out what you want. Your soul is restless that's why you feel this way. You want more and that's not a bad thing.