Tanya Burr 'Vampire Kiss' Lipgloss Review

Friday, 20 March 2015

Being a huge fan of Tanyas videos I obviously had to have a little try at her makeup range, yes I'm very late on this boat but better late than never right? I decided to try one of her lip glosses as I own way too many nail varnishes as it is, and I picked up the colour 'Vampire Kiss'. The package makes it look like a lovely pinkish red colour, and I'm all for more noticeable lip colours! This review was highly requested on twitter, and I've been practising writing them lately since I'm new to the whole thing. 

I'm super impressed with these lipglosses, normally I am more of a lipstick girl as I prefer matte lips to glossy ones, but these are very good for such a nice price! I love the packaging (obviously not the most important thing I know) as they look super sleek and nice, and I'm a big fan of the applicator that these come with, they're super easy to apply.

I've found that they can come out quite heavy if you're not careful, a little goes a long way, so if you don't want too much of a bold colour then just watch how much you apply, but I'm not sure I can flaw them. My only problem is that I find the gloss can be quite sticky and I'm personally not a huge fan of that, but overall these are amazing!

I'm definitely going to have to try the nail varnishes in her range as they look to die for, and I want to pick up a lighter shade lip gloss, but I really do love these and I'm not just being biased. Have any of you tried them? If so I'd love to know what you all think and whether you like them or not!