Friendship Notes

Sunday, 15 March 2015

In one of my earlier posts Seaside Adventures I told you guys that I stayed with my friend Jess for a few days the other week, and during that stay she gave me an envelope that she was meant to give me a long time ago titled "Open When You Are Lonely". I had a little look and gosh did I have a good cry when I got home, it's genuinely one of the sweetest things I have ever received.

It's basically full of small and very thoughtful letters from a few of my friends to help cheer me up. Not many of you will know that I am a very lonely person, my brain struggles to grasp the concept that people do actually care, so you can imagine my emotional state when reading them.

I really love the idea of little things like this. I've been planning on doing some friendship jars for people for a while and they're a bit different to this but with a similar concept. I think more people should do things like this a lot more often, such small gestures but you never know just how happy it could make someone, or how much it could mean to them. If everyone did nicer things for people imagine just how lovely life would be.



  1. this is actually a great idea. it makes the bond stronger, and makes a person feel better :D