Valentines Blues

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Today I thought I'd do more of a sit down and chat post, as all of them recently have been pre planned and scheduled and stuff, so I wanted to relax a bit more and just sit down at my computer and type. I apologise if this post is a bit all over the place.

Okay I know I was meant to be blogging daily and I haven't posted since Tuesday (are you all ready for a super lame excuse you're going to get around nowwww) but I have been super busy and I wasn't expecting to be! Meaning I didn't have time to plan and schedule posts since I didn't think I'd be doing anything. At least we can learn a lesson from this.

So today is Valentines Day and I'm currently spending it at home in bed stuffing my face with chocolate, three cheers for the single life. I'm babysitting for my brother tonight as my Parents want to go out, so I think we're just going to watch soppy romantic films while crying into our food, sound about right? Pretty much my plans for every single year. Maybe next time will be different? Hahaha let's face it probably not. What are you all doing for Valentines? Anyone seeing 50 Shades Of Grey? (I'm not going to lie when I say that I actually kinda want to see it, I mean it does look pretty good)

There's a huge case of the flu going round and I currently have it badly, my body is in all of the wars right now. Not just that, but I've also been having severe headaches, stomach pains and a horrendous sore throat, so I am not happy at all. Please just let me be well again lifeeee.

Lastly before you click off this in boredom, does anyone have any advice for writers block? I can't write anything! That includes blog posts, diary entries, poems, video ideas, even little short stories. I've had it mildly for a couple of months now and it just appears to be getting worse and worse apart from a few odd days. Being a writer it's my worst nightmare, anyone else feeling my pain right now?


(also thank you for 100 bloglovin followers! That's craazzzyyyy)


  1. It seems that everyone's got the flu lately! I hope you feel better. And as for writer's block .. you DID just get nominated by Rebecca for Liebster Award, so you could always do that :) Otherwise, I find it helpful just going through twitter and seeing what people are asking or talking about .. good luck!

    Ree //