Christmas roundup

Saturday, 7 February 2015

I realized earlier today that I never posted many photos from the December period, I was very lazy with my blogging towards the end of last year (well, saying that, most of the year recently) and since I had no time to write and plan a proper post today I thought I'd just share some unseen pictures with you all.

My friend Chloe and I went Shopping after Christmas to spend our money, and for some reason we felt the need to take a Starbucks selfie because that's what everyone does, right? right?!

This is a Christmas cake that me and my Nan made, although I don't eat it myself I thought it'd be fun to attempt to make one anyway, not meaning to blow my own trumpet here (what even is that phrase?!) but I thought it turned out pretty well to be honest.

This is the only photo I have off my Christmas Tree, at the time I thought I was being 'artistic' but now it just looks like a silly photo I took to look hipster on tumblr.

I tried to take a photo of my parents but apparently they don't like having them taken (my Mum was so busy moaning at me for trying to take it that she forgot to smile, one day I'll get a nice one, just you wait)

This was taken on the same day as the first, I don't even know what's going on here. You can never have too many Starbucks drinks.

This was on Christmas Day, my Dog wearing a little Elf hat with ears. Sadly he moves so much it was impossible to get a decent one, annoying but he looked adorable nevertheless.

Sorry for such a random (and late) post, but I hope it was okay anyway, how's the beginning of everyone's year going? Can't believe we're getting closer to the middle of February already and I've achieved literally nothing so far.


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