Small Goals For February

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Now this year I decided not to set any new years resolutions as let's face it, who keeps them anyway? Instead at the beginning of each month I'm going to set some mini goals that will hopefully be a lot easier to keep, just small things to do/achieve throughout the month to keep myself busy or happier.

1. Do more around the house
This really is something I should do anyway, but I always get waayy too lazy to do it. I just feel like it's a way to keep myself busy when I don't have much to do, and I'm sure it'll please my parents quite a bit.

2. Write more
For those of you who may not have figured out, I'm a writer. Ever since I was old enough to aim for something, I've wanted to be a writer. It's something I've done my entire life and I can feel myself writing a lot less as of late, and I want to change that. I don't just mean writing for this blog, which I will be doing daily now, I also want to write more poems, short stories and etc just to keep my creativity intact, because that's something I don't want to lose.

3. Do more exercise
I'm not promising full on workouts and running round parks here, I'm extremely unfit and I know they aren't something I can currently do, so I'm going to start off small. For now I just mean walking when I can instead of getting the bus, going to get that book from downstairs instead of being too lazy to go get it, just doing the small things to work myself up to eventually being able to do more.

4. Make more lists
Being an extremely unorganised person, making lists seems to be the only way I can do anything anymore. It gives me a sense of productivity, even if it's only as small as the TV shows I need to watch, as I said earlier, one step at a time right?

5. Go out more
I'm very unsociable, I don't go out much to be completely honest, and I'm not talking about going to parties and getting drunk here. Even if it's going to town with my Nan or food shopping with my Mum, it doesn't matter how small or pointless the trip, its still something to do, plus who said going out with parents wasn't fun?

6. Read at least two books a week
I'm not only a huge writer but also a huge reader, and this year I vowed to read 100 books by the end of December. I'm actually posting my progress on that over on my Instagram (you should go follow it, it's 'taintedblues'). To achieve this I'm going to have to read at least 2 a week, which isn't completely impossible considering I'm a fast reader and when I start I struggle to stop.

7.Be more creative
This kinda links in with the writing one, apart from maybe with a bit added. Yeah writing is creative, but I want to do more. Whether it's through photography, videos, doodling, more artsy things, just anything to open my mind a bit more and help my creativity levels.

8. Get dressed on 'lazy days'
This is only a small one, but gosh isn't it incredibly hard?! You know those days where you don't have anything to do whatsoever, and you spend either in bed or on the sofa reading, watching TV, just lazing about in your pyjamas, well on those days I'm going to stop being so lazy and actually get up and get dressed. It's time to beat my laziness I suppose.

9. Redesign my blog
I'm not happy with my blog design right now, also change? Change is good. I say that but it scares me and I dislike it greatly, but some I can deal with. I feel like I'm starting a new beginning with this blog, and for some reason redesigning it only helps me feel more accomplished with that. Does anyone else get what I mean or?

10. Start a savings jar
There's plenty of things I want to do this year, for example I want to redecorate my room, go to Amsterdam in the Summer, Go to Summer in the City in August and a lovely trip to Winter Wonderland in December. I always forget to save money when the time comes, so if I start saving up now it'll probably help avoid the disappointment and panic last minute. 

Sorry this post was a tad long but I hope you enjoyed, do any of you have any goals set, whether they be new years resolutions or in general? Be sure to let me know as I'd love to see the kind of things you guys aim to do, no matter how big or small.



  1. I love your goals. I like your blog design, but a new layout can really light that fire inside and make me more motivated/passionate about it, which is always good.

    Good luck in Feb!

    Corinne x

  2. How are you social media scores? I would like to know :)