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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I've never done one of these posts before, but I thought it's about time I did. Like most of us, I'm a HUGE music fan and I wanted to share with you some albums I've been loving in the past month!
 Ed Sheeran: "Sing" - This album was only released on 23rd of June this year and I am in love. I adore Ed Sheerans music and this is my favourite album of his by far. If you haven't got it yet I really really recommend it, it completes me.

Arctic Monkeys: "AM" - This was released in September of last year and I've been in love with it since. The music is very chilled and I'm generally a huge fan of them.

Bastille: "Bad Blood" - Ever since this was released in March 2013 I've barely stopped listening to it. Usually if you listen to songs too much you get bored of them, but I've not had that with any of the songs on this album. Bastille are amazing and I really really need to see them live.

Andrew Belle: "Black bear" - I think this was released in August of last year, and I've only heard it recently. A friend in college made me listen to the song 'in my veins' at the end of last year and I fell in love, then a few months ago this year I googled if he had an album, which of course he did, downloaded it and adored it. He's not a huge mainstream artist which is kinda cool, and I really hope he releases more.

So this post was kinda different but I hoped you enjoyed it, I liked writing it and I'm definitely interested in writing more like it in the future.


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