Sunday, 5 January 2014

Now I've definitely been neglecting this blog a little haven't I? Silly me. But that will change. Anyway it's the 5th January like woah how has 2014 come round so quickly?! I spent New Years Eve watching the Celebrations in London and can I just say how beautiful the fireworks were from Waterloo Bridge?! I'm not the hugest fan of crowds, my anxiety gets really bad, but however luckily they didn't bother drunk Amy.

This is the thumbnail from my New Years video on my Youtube channel

Now I'll have a post up on here in a few days explaining some really cool things that happened on the last day of 2013, but before that I think I'm going to look back at my New Years resolutions from last year. 
Drink more water? Well that did NOT happen.
Dance more? Definitely no change there.
Confidence? Maybe a little, but I'm still as shy as ever.
Be more sociable? Happened a little. Still the 17 year old girl who locks herself in her room in the dark on tumblr and youtube though.
Be more adventurous? Not much change.

Well as you can see they didn't really work did they? Well, this year's a new year so why not try again?

1. Hit 1,000 Youtube subscribers .
2. Bring my book collection up to 50 books.
3. Go to Summer in the City 2014.
4. Collaborate with some more people on my Youtube channel.
5. Go see Les Mis in theatre in London.
6. Buy and learn how to play the ukulele.
7. See 2 of my favourite bands live.
8. Be more happier and more positive.
9. Start both an actual blogging schedule and a Youtube schedule. Posting every Wednesday and Sunday on my Youtube, and at least once a week on here.
10. Stand up for myself more and have more confidence.
11. Be more adventurous in my appearance and life.
12. Travel and do more things. and vlog them.
13. SAVE MONEY. (Something I'm bad at)


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