31 Day Snap #1 | Organising

Monday, 1 July 2013

Want to know what The 31 Day Snap is? Read THIS and join me!

I'm going to apologize quite a lot for the fact that my pictures won't be the best, I'm in quite a bit of debt with my family so I'm struggling to get the money to buy a lovely new good camera! For now you'll have to put up with ones from my phone, it won't be long though!

Today I didn't really do anything, I had a friend round for a bit and I sorted my makeup out! As you can see here I've brought some plastic tubs and labelled them, while sorting everything out I've discovered that I'm severely lacking in lipsticks! 

One more thing, Pinterest really confuses me! Would anyone like to explain it to me please? Like what's the point in it?


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