The June Meetup!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

On Saturday (1st June) I went to a meetup in Jubilee Gardens which was hosted by 4 youtubers:

It was an absolutely amazing day, I got to see all my friends that I've made at previous meetups again, and thanks to a very confident friend I brought with me, managed to make some new ones. Here are a few pictures from the day!

(Me and Craig, my friend is absolutely in love with him and it's quite funny!)
(My friend and Brad Corey, photobombed)
 (Jason, known as veeoneeye on youtube)
 (Sam King)
(Benjamin Cook! I died a little inside when he turned up)
 (My friends arms!)
And finally my arms! This stuff was a nightmare to get off, maybe next time I should take a book and get people to doodle in that, would make everything so much easier!

I wish I could go to meetups, as I absolutely love them, but sadly having a Saturday job does have its downs!

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  1. Hey, Today I reached 200 followers on my blog and I wrote a post including you and your blog to thank you for nominating me for the liebster award.

    Charlie xx