Room Wants!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Recently my Nan has decided to swap my room around, so I'll move out of my small bedroom and into the bigger spare room, which I am all up for! This means I get to go through the fun of decorating, and as an avid tumblr user I have plenty of ideas. Here's a list of things I'd LOVE to have in my room, regardless whether I can actually have them (I like dreaming)...

1. 'Dens' and 'hideouts' style things..

You can pretty much get the jist of what I'm talking about here, they're like little hideouts and they look so small and cosy! I could probably make one out of sheets and things but I'd have no idea how too, and I doubt it would stay up knowing my DIY skills.

2. Photo walls and hangings

When I say I want a photo wall, I don't mean just photo's stuck on a wall, I mean stuck in some creative way. My favourites here are the top and bottom ones. As you can see in the bottom, it's rather 2D, I'd like to hang an actual 3D line, maybe I could have both? Or would it be too much? Hard decisions to be made with this one. Unlike the 1st, this is most likely something that I will actually have in my room, as it's quite easy to do, and looks so pretty!

3. Fairy lights

Fairy lights make rooms look absolutely beautiful, I'm sure I'm not the only one on this. I can definitely see me having an awful lot of fairy lights in my new room, as I prefer that kind of lighting to actual lamps and room lighting.  They're going to be everywhere!

4. Quote walls or something of that sort

There's no way I'm not having a wall quote in my room! Whether it's draw on, painted on, stuck on, hanging up and etc, I am having a few! I love quotes, and I find it quite motivational to have your favourites ones on the wall so you can just remind yourself of it just by looking, they're so cute and would look lovely with the fairy lights and photo wall!

I'm going to stop there because this post is getting rather long, but you can get the jist of what things I like! When my rooms done I'll upload a little tour so you can see exactly how much of this I actually did, toodlepip!

Do any of you have things like these in your rooms, or know of anything else that I might like in mine? 

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