April Favourites!

Friday, 3 May 2013

This post happens to be my first ever favourites post! I was going to make it into a video but my camera is playing up a little, so I decided against it, but here you go!

"VO5 Plump it up dry backcombing spray" is one of my favourite products this month, I have majorly flat hair, and this works wonders! You just spray it onto your roots, scrunch it up and you have pretty good volume! When it's fixed with hairspray it stays all day.

Recently I started using one of my nan's shampoo's, "Alberto Balsam tea tree tingle herbal shampoo" and yes that is a mouthful to say! Ever since I started using this I've had so many people telling me how nice my hair smells and how shiny and fluffy it looks, the formula is also a really pretty green colour, although as you can see above, I've just run out.

Next is the "Soap and Glory foam body wash", this smells absolutely lush, it leaves my skin feeling great and soft and I just love this. I definitely need to go buy some more!

The "Soap and Glory: the righteous butter body lotion" feels amazing when you put it on your skin. I've found with most body lotions I've tried out recently, most seem to leave your skin feeling quite sticky and horrible, but this doesn't, which is probably one of my favourite aspects about it.

The "Tea Tree skin clearing lotion" is only small and slightly pricey for it's size, but wow is it helping my spots and spot marks! If you apply a little (a little goes a LONG way) every morning and night it does clear up your skin well. 

For nails, I'm in love with these beauties! They're so cheap (ranging between £3 and £5 depending on where you get them from) and come in a wide range of colours. Although some require about 3-4 coats to get a good block colour, they last a long time and look beautiful. The colours I have above are:

Turquoise Shimmer- no. 63
Blue Moon- no. 73
Girl Gone Wild- no. 84
Coral- no. 51

If anyone wants me to, I could do a later post with my full collection of these varnishes reviewing them more thoroughly and including pictures of them on nails,  so comment down below if you like that idea or not!

These are my favourite makeup products this month! To start off with we have my lovely Sleek "Face Form: Contouring and Blush Palette". The blush is absolutely GORGEOUS, I love rose gold!

Secondly, as pictured twice, we have something I got in my glossybox a few months ago. I never used it until recently as I was busy using another mask, but when that one ran out I turned to this one, and thank God I did! It's a "Monu Professional Skincare Warming Aromatic Mask"  It has natural clay, lavender and rosemary and leaves my face feeling so smooth and refreshing the next day. This is only a sample and I'm almost out, but I don't think I can afford to purchase the full size anytime soon as it's rather pricey!

Next there is a beautiful eyeshadow palette from Avon in "mocha latte". It has 4 pretty brown colours inside. This was my mum's, but she let me borrow it one day and I just fell in love. I've never been an eyeshadow person, but this really does look pretty on the eye. I like using 3 colours, and doing a gradual effect with them. Using the lightest colour in the inside, the second in the middle and the darkest at the edge. Once blended it really works. This means I only use 3 colours, but I always change the middle one (well, more like I forget which one I use for the middle one), so I get a use out of all of them!

Lastly you have a "Rimmel London Apocalips in 301 Galaxy". Ever since these first came out I've wanted one, and heard nothing but good reviews about them, so a few weeks ago I popped into town and decided to buy this one. The problem I have with my lips is that they're so dry, most lip products just flake, or go patchy and so on. But with this, even if you have dry lips and want a block colour, it will be your life saver. These are rather shimmery and they're so moisturising, I really need to go out and buy some more!

So there you go, that's my first ever favourites post, I hope it was okay and you guys enjoyed reading it, please link me some of your April favourites down below so I can have a little look at what everyone else has been loving!

Love Amy 

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