Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guess who's going to Playlist live?! Yeah, not me. While everyone is getting hyped up about playlist this weekend and flying over to sunny Florida, I'm still stuck at home. It sucks to be honest. Even though I'm not going, I am so excited for those who are, it's going to be an amazing weekend! 

Now I've always wanted to go to America. Whether it's New York, LA, Florida, California, I really do not care. But only being 16, I cannot afford to go, and my parents have made it pretty clear that they won't take me. So I've now started up an American fund jar! I just painted an old jam jar red, wrote America on it with a black marker pen and voila! I'm going to be putting everything from loose change, for example 1p's, to as much money per month as I can. If I want to go to Playlist Live next year I've decided that I need to stop wasting my money and start saving. For those who know me they'll agree that it seems pretty impossible for me, but if I'm that set up on going then it's something I'm going to have to do. Any of you going to Playlist, or America, or saving up for anything special?


  1. I feel your pain, everyone's flying over to Florida when im stuck doing my A-Levels in rainy London. I have a bank like that except my ones made out of an old fairy bottle (trampness, but it does the job)! x

    1. It's sad, hopefully that will be me this time next year! Yeah, no point spending money on a pot, ruins the whole point in it!x