50 random facts about me!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

After reading nicolaheartsthis '50 random facts about me' post, I thought I'd have a go of my own since I've been having a bit of writers block lately, so here you go!

1. I have to have a glass of milk every night before I go to bed, I don't know why!
2. I only recently started wearing makeup last year, and even then it was the tiniest bit of foundation.
3. I have started to get really into makeup and beauty recently as I now study beauty therapy at college.
4. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, what do I do when I finish college in a few months?!
5. I absolutely HATE change
6. I'm a very open minded person
7. I'm a massive gel eyeliner fan
8. My favourite makeup brands are Mac, Maybelline and Rimmel
9. I've recently developed an obsession with making videos and editing, maybe I should take media next year?
10. I'm VERY indecisive, I cannot make a decision at all.
11. I met Dani Harmer, and since I'm a huge Tracey Beaker fan, I cried..
12. I'm an extremely shy person and don't tend to talk to people much
13. I love making new friends who share the same interests as me
14. I am attending summer in the city this year!
15. I really want a canon 60D camera
16. I want to start buying some soap and glory products, they smell AMAZING
17. I would like to learn how to make blog layouts and etc, but I get so confused! Someone teach me please?!
18. Rylan and Jedward are my guilty pleasures
19. I met Pixie Lott on Thursday, she is absolutely beautiful!
20. I collect disney films, they're so cute
21. I struggle to wear jeans
22. I can never sleep with the window open, not because of people getting in, but because of spiders and flys getting in
23. I love keeping things like old photo's, train tickets, anything that holds memory's
24. I like lighting rooms with fairy lights, they're so pretty!
25. Topshop is my favourite place ever, but I don't own anything from it because I never have money and it's so expensive
26. My idol when I was younger was Selena Gomez
27. I will marry Caspar Lee one day, just watch..
28. I envy girls with big eyes, for example Mila Kunis
29. Rain makes me feel so sad and lonely, but the sun cheers me up instantly
30. I act completely different with people I'm comfortable around compared to people I first meet
31. Most of my friends don't know the real me, simply because I won't show it to them
32. I can be quite gullible at times
33. I started ballet when I was 2/3, and was made to do maypole dancing in primary school and country dancing at something called girls brigade
34. I want to travel when I'm older
35. I LOVE pretty views of beaches
36. In primary school I did 'knitting club' and buddies
37. I failed my 11+ (well the maths part anyway)
38. In secondary school I used to love writing essays
39. I regret so much from my past
40. When I was younger I was so clumsy, Every day after school I'd come home with a new bruise/cut
41. I talk really fast and often get told to slow down so people can understand me, I've done it since I was little and I can't help it, oops
42. I'd love to go on a road trip around America
43. I want to start subscribing to magazines starting from next month
44. I don't have anxiety, but if I'm in public and feel like I'm in danger or crowded I start to get really teary, my breathing goes weird and I feel faint and panicky.
45. American TV beats British TV in most cases
46. I adore romantic comedies
47. I would love a fellow beauty blogger best friend to move into an apartment in London with next year
48. I don't understand how people can be 'gay,'straight' or 'bi', I believe anyone can fall in love with anyone, I don't understand the labels.
49. I care too much about what people think of me
50. I have huge girl crushes on too many people, including Taylor Swift, Pixie Lott, Zoella, Tanya Burr, Louise (sprinkle of glitter), Fleur De Force and Mila Kunis are some examples.

Now I extremely doubt any of you have read all of these, but if you have thank you and I love you, bye xxx

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