The Innocence Of Blogging

Sunday, 18 August 2019

I've been going through all my posts to remove dead links and while doing this I found myself drawn to reading some of my super old ones, and to be honest it got me a bit emotional. Blogging used to be something full of crappy pictures and posts that were peoples thoughts and not even about anything too in depth, the amount it's changed from now to posts of mine I've been rereading from 7 years ago sure is strange to look back on. It used to be so innocent, there was no pressure to have a fancy professional layout and fancy pictures and collaborations were a lot easier to get, but now the market is so over saturated it seems to be all about the magazine look. 

Blogging used to be different because it wasn't the same as magazines, but now if your blog doesn't look like an online magazine people aren't interested. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that but my heart does ache a little for just how care free it used to be to run a blog. Now there's so much pressure for everything to look professional and for bloggers to "compete" with each other and that innocence is gone. Why have our pictures got to look like they've all been taken by professional photographers? Why have our websites got to look like we've spent a lot of money on getting them designed? To start a blog looks so daunting and scary now when it used to be just the opposite. 

For me blogging started as a means of escape from the real world. Being a blogger wasn't a job, it was just a way for me to let out my thoughts and to communicate with people. I was shy, anxiety ridden, I had no friends and I definitely didn't have the social skills to make friends and blogging and filming Youtube videos was just a way of me letting everything out and being part of something that was a real community. Don't get me wrong, I love how far all this social media stuff can bring people nowadays, I think it's incredible, but I can't help but miss the way it used to be, instead of being a community everyone just tries to make it a competition and that's quite sad.


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