Blackpool Day Trip

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Last year I went on a family holiday to The Lake District. After a long drive we arrived in what quickly become one of my favorite places maybe ever. I'm not going to go on about that too much in this post as I'm doing a separate post of my photographs from up there, but during our trip up North we made a day trip to Blackpool too, it was only about an hour and a half from The Lake District and in the warmth was a really nice trip out. 

We went up to the Blackpool Tower, it had AMAZING views and was just breath taking, but my fear of heights had to be a bit annoying. The glass floor up there was so cool but it took me about 15 minutes to even put one foot on there, kids were doing better than I was! I was a bit of a laughing stock but really, can you blame me?

I also managed to drag my Mum to Blackpool Dungeons. I've been to the London Dungeons before when I was little and loved it, so I had to try the one up there too while we were in Blackpool. It was a great experience, had so many funny moments and even freaked me out a little! One part we had to all sit in these seats in the pitch black with sounds and etc, it didn't really scare me like that but then all of a sudden the back of our seats dropped and I literally almost wet myself. I grabbed the hand of the woman next to me by accident with a proper grip, luckily she found it hilarious! Talk about embarrassing though.

Overall I really loved the day trip out, it was a last minute thing but I'd always wanted to visit Blackpool so it was nice to finally do that. There was so much to do and the Weather was definitely on our side. I'd love to go again some time, I just live so far away so it's not exactly easy. What are your favourite places to visit? I'll be uploading my post from the actual Lake District itself soon, I just have so much to put in it because I really loved it up there. 


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