The Plaid Skirt

Monday, 29 April 2019

If there is anything I love it's a plaid skirt. Lately I've been seeing them everywhere and I love how they can be styled in so many different ways. As we come into the Summer season we're slowly starting to get more of an excuse to wear skirts and I am LIVING for it. This outfit is currently one of my favourites so I thought I'd share it with you.

This red plaid skirt I've had for years in my wardrobe, but only recently have I realized my appreciation for it. It's such a flattering style and can be worn so many different ways. This particular one is from Lasula Boutique but I can't link it since it's just that old, but I'll link some similar ones at the bottom of this post that I like. This black crop top is one from Primark which I also can't link, damn Primark for not having an online website yet, but it is a recent purchase.

I Saw It First Wishlist

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Wishlists are something I don't understand why I've never done. If there is anything I'm good at it's wishing I had things I don't (the perks of living the poor life). I spend a fair bit of time going through clothing websites just adding things to my wishlist even though I know perfectly well that I'm never going to be able to afford them, judge away, but it's just nice to dream. I spend way more time than I care to admit doing this but I know for a fact that it's a thing a lot of other girls tend to do too. I thought since I'm trying to post more fashion related posts on this blog (if you follow my instagram you will notice it's entirely fashion and style now), a wishlist would be an easy way to start transitioning into more of these style posts. So here I present to you, a wishlist for one of my favourite shops right now I Saw It First.

I'm only doing six items because I didn't want to overload this post, so I went through my wish list and picked the top 6 items that I most desperately wanted. Who wants to place bets on whether I'll ever actually get to own any of them? Starting off with these three, I love this Pinstripe Blazer Playsuit. It's so different to something I'd normally wear but I think it looks so classic, also I think playsuits are just so convenient. They also have it in a Nude colour but I just think the darker one looks so much nicer. Next up we have this Red Tartan Mini Skirt, I'm loving skirts like these lately and I Saw It First have a great selection of them on their website, I'm just a sucker for red so naturally I was drawn to this one. Lastly here we have this Grey Check Overcoat, it's a blazer style which is why I think I love it so much, I happen to be completely obsessed with blazers lately. I like the colour and I think this would be nice for date night's to slightly dress down your outfit, I've already imagined so many outfits with this coat in my head.

The final three, I think this White Lace Dress is so pretty. It's not something you can wear often as it is very dressy but it'd be really nice for dinner or drinks or if you're going somewhere nice. I'm not sure if it's the kind of dress that would suit me but I'd be willing to give it a go. Secondly we have these High Waisted Shorts which are perfect as we go into the Summer season, which should hopefully happen soon if the weather decides to get it's ass in gear and keep up the hot weather for more than a few days. Last of all we have this Khaki Shirt Dress, it may not be the most summery colour but they do happen to have about 10 different colours, this one just happens to be my favourite. I think this dress is so flattering and versatile, it can be worn both dressed up and dressed down and in so many different ways.

I thought I'd leave it there but I'm definitely interested in doing another wishlist in the future. If you're interested in following my fashion instagram be sure to go find it HERE. I've got a few new posts planned so be sure to watch this space for more posts soon.