New Year, Will There Be A New Me?

Monday, 8 January 2018

So it is officially 2018 wahheyyy! To be honest I really don't know where the time's gone, I feel like it's just been stolen from right out underneath us but I'm not complaining about that. The first few years I had this blog I was a proper sucker for 'new year new me' posts and resolutions and shizz however last year I drove past that (because we all know it just isn't true) and did a post on '16 Things I've Learned In 2016' which you can find HERE. I was going to do something similar this year but most of the things I learnt are pretty much the same so I thought it'd be pointless to bore you all with the same post AGAIN. Now we all say that a new year is going to be the change of us, but facing the facts we all know deep down it never is. I say I want to go to the gym or I want to eat healthy but they're all so unrealistic and impossible resolutions to keep to that you know they're just entirely pointless so this year I've decided to give myself just one goal.. to focus on myself.

I can imagine most of you will be thinking "well don't you do that anyway?" and the answer is no, I don't. For starters I'm a lazy ass bitch who lacks behind in the things she wants to do out of.. well.. pure laziness, and secondly I always put other people ahead of myself and lose focus on what it is I really want to do and achieve. I know the goal is quite vague but to me that makes it easier to actually do, however I will break it down just a little. Towards the end of last year GOD it feels so weird saying that.. although my posts completely lacked (sorry my Christmas job 6 nights a week night shifts did unspeakable things to me lol) I did actually achieve quite a bit. My Instagram, which you can follow HERE, kinda went through the roof a little, I had some very exciting brands message me about collaborations AND.. yes there's more, I wrote out a clear plan as to which direction my blog will be going.

I've got a bunch of new posts sitting all cosy on my computer just waiting. Some are beauty based, most are lifestyle related and there might even be a few fashion ones here and there, although that's mostly what my Instagram is for to be honest. My blog is my main priority this year for the most part, it's such a big part of me and my happiness that I can't really let it take a backseat any longer, I know this may sound completely insane but when I'm feeling inspired and doing well with my blog it's like I actually have a brain, unlike the rest of the time when common sense is knocked out of my head in relation to all other aspects of my life and I act like a complete twat head (so, most of the time then Isabelle..). If you're interested in chilling along for the ride then make sure to follow me on bloglovin HERE as well as Instagram as they are where I'm most active. Is there anything you guys are specifically focusing on this year? If so be sure to let me know down in the comments so I can see what all your goals are for 2018!



  1. I love this - it's so important to focus on you. Happy I found your blog!

  2. That's so great that you're refocusing your energy on your blog, and yesss to putting ourselves first! Not to sound selfish but man, that's a really important reminder some of us need. Take care of yourself, girl, have a good January! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. I don't think it's selfish at all to be honest, thank you babe you too! x

  3. I'm so happy to see that you're happy :D
    Looking forward to reading all those posts you had stored away :D

    Gillian xx