Everything's a mess

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Lately every line I write for this blog I delete as soon as I read it back, I've sat here stressing for hours countless times trying to get things out but it's like my heads empty. However that isn't the problem, the problem is that in reality my head is too full. It's brimmed with things that need filing into sections to help me feel clearer but instead everything's just swimming around making me feel lost and confused, and, well, like a complete mess.I can't think clearly or rationally because everything's so muddled up and I can't unravel any of it. Generally I don't have any problems, there's nothing major going on right now for me to feel like this but for some reason every little thing that shouldn't be a problem is. My brain has made problems out of nothing and now I feel like one giant puzzle that I can't put together. 

If you're a regular reader you may have noticed an extreme lack in lifestyle posts as of late, normally they are the easiest posts for me to write and I've never had trouble thinking of them or getting words out to write them up, however at this point I just can't seem to think or write anything of that sort. Beauty is easier for me at the moment considering it isn't personal to write about. I don't have to offer advice or words of wisdom or use my past and personal stuff to come up with the posts and so that's all I've been doing. I don't know why my brain is so messy right now and how I can sort it to figure out what's wrong with me and why I'm feeling like this and that's the most annoying thing. I can't help myself if I don't know what's going on, but I can't figure out what's wrong either so I'm stuck. Maybe I feel like I'm in too much of a rut, maybe I need a break from life as it is now and to do and be somewhere different for a little bit. I just don't know and it makes me so frustrated. As I'm writing this it feels weird knowing people are going to read it, I put a lot of personal stuff up on this blog and it's not for attention, but because writing is my way out and I've built a readership from letting my personal life up on this blog, youtube and social media. A lot of you may think it's easy for me to do that but it's really not, it's hard and always has been and I feel a lot more vulnerable every time I do it yet I do it anyway because every time I know for a fact it's helping someone. Whether it's advice that people decide to take or letting someone know that they're less alone in what they're going through, I do this not just for my sake but for a lot of my readers too. This post has been a bit of a mess because it's not been pre planned, I've just sat here and wrote and hope it made sense, I guess when I hit publish I'll see. If you want to see any of my beauty/lifestyle posts then head over to my bloglovin HERE, I'm trying to hit 1.4k followers and I'm getting so so close.



  1. I fell out of my blogging habit a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed the time off and now i feel like i can really write again. sometimes it takes time!

    Abigail Alice x