Everything's a mess

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Lately every line I write for this blog I delete as soon as I read it back, I've sat here stressing for hours countless times trying to get things out but it's like my heads empty. However that isn't the problem, the problem is that in reality my head is too full. It's brimmed with things that need filing into sections to help me feel clearer but instead everything's just swimming around making me feel lost and confused, and, well, like a complete mess.I can't think clearly or rationally because everything's so muddled up and I can't unravel any of it. Generally I don't have any problems, there's nothing major going on right now for me to feel like this but for some reason every little thing that shouldn't be a problem is. My brain has made problems out of nothing and now I feel like one giant puzzle that I can't put together. 

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter in Peach Kiss Review

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Makeup Revolution are a brand I have loved for a long time, but only recently have I actually realised how much I love their makeup. I remember going to the MUR Halloween event last year and it really sparked my interest in trying more of their products, although my bank account is deffo not happy with this. When I saw this highlighter on the Superdrug website I added it straight into my cart, it was basically love at first sight and I just couldn't help myself. When it finally came through in the post I died of happiness and was ecstatic to try it on my face so here is my review of Makeup Revolutions Skin Kiss Highlighter in Peach Kiss!