Waking Up Fresh With T Plus Drinks*

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Green tea isn't something I ever used to like, I remember when I tried my first cup it actually made me feel kinda sick and I decided that I hated it. Well and truly hated it. However hearing about the health benefits made me force myself to drink it and after a while the unthinkable happened... I actually started to like it. Fast forward to a few years later I now drink a cup every morning when I wake up without fail just because, well, I need to. And I love it! I've noticed that a lot of my friends have had a similar reaction when it comes to green tea, it just takes quite a while to get used to I suppose, but when T Plus Drinks offered to send me a few samples of their teas I had to do a little happy dance at getting to try more types of green tea, I just can't live without it.