We're All Just Puzzles

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I'm sure most of you can say that you have things missing from your life. Whether it be a boyfriend, a job, hope (or if you're like me, all of the above.. ha) we all have that one missing piece that we just need to find to fit our puzzle. I know a fair few of my readers noticed that recently my blog has been MIA, non existent, offline. I had a few technical issues which resorted to my blog not being accessible to anyone, including myself and boy did I feel like something had been missing. I've always loved this blog but I never realised just how much of a big part of me it was until it was gone. I felt like I wasn't me, like there was a slot with nothing inside of it and nothing in my life made sense without it. Okay you may think I'm exaggerating slightly and maybe I am, but this little internet space takes up an awful big part of who I am and it made me think. We're all searching for something, or even someone to 'complete' us, if you want to put it that way that is, but why?