My April In Pictures

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

This is the second month of me doing this little series and I have to say I'm quite surprised I remembered to do another one! I got a lot of comments on twitter about how people enjoyed the March version of this and since there was so much love for it I may have to keep it up every single month. I enjoy sharing my personal life with you guys and keeping you all up to date on everything I'm doing, I mean hey I am a blogger what are we for?!

Apart from the beginning of the month being my birthday (yo girl is now 20 hollahhh) I didn't do overly too much. I had a rather fun trip to the park with my friends Lizzie and Megan and her daughter, which you may be thinking sounds boring but I honestly felt like a kid again after years and I had waayyy too much fun for a 20 year old! It was nice just spending the day enjoying the sun and reliving my childhood with my favourite people, I often under-appreciate chilled days like this. The third and fourth pictures aren't anything too interesting, just from a night out I had a few Fridays ago but I'm sharing them with you all because I am absolutely in LOVE with the outfit I wore. It's my friends Lizzies but I was so obsessed and got so many compliments that night on how nice it was, I'm way too jealous it's hers and not mine. Lastly here I saw Troye Sivan in London finally after years and oh my gosh he was so incredible?! I saw him with an old youtube friend Liam who I hadn't seen in months, so it was nice to catch up and see the bae that is Troye together!

A quite big change that happened in April was my hair. It's now completely fully proper red and I love it. I was so terrified to dye it at first but I don't regret it one bit and I'm so happy with the change thank god. Now I don't win much, but a miracle happened and Lizzie won a big bottle of Prosecco one Wednesday night at a club and I mean who would say no?! As a massive wine fan you can imagine my happiness at her winning this and sharing it with me! The other week my Nan took our neighbours kid to the cinema to see The Jungle Book as a treat for her, and I obviously dragged along like always. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it but lord was it one hell of a great film, the graphics were amazing and I was hooked from start to finish, so if any of you are thinking about seeing it I'd definitely recommend it highly. Lastly I received 2 lovely little things in the mail, the first being the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette that I ordered and it is gorgeous beyond belief. I've only used it a few times so far as I only got it through a few days ago but as soon as I've got into it properly I'll make sure to post a full review on it if people are interested in that, and the same with this wonderful book I received from Penguin Publishing. It's titled 'And I Darken' by Kiersten White and will be out to buy on 7th July, I've read the first few chapters and am thoroughly enjoying it so far so a review of that will also be up at some point!

Anyway I really hope you're enjoying these kinds of posts and the little insight into my actually quite boring life you get, having a series like this is really helping me get back into posting and since I don't have a camera currently, other posts are proving quite hard! My friend from Manchester is coming down today though and if she brings her camera I'll make sure to take a ton of photos to last me a while for posting on here, and I'll be working on all the reviews I've promised ASAP!


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